We recently had the first big snowstorm of this season, which dumped about 14 inches of snow on the farm. It came down so fast and furious that some of our Team Beekman colleagues had to bunk overnight at the Mercantile. ├ľnder , however, loved it. She whined at the door until we let her outside. There’s something especially haunting about snow at night…check out the pics:

by Josh and Brent

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Love these photos!!! It really shows how beautiful snow is,just like a white cloud, so calm and clean and fluffy <3


Beautiful pictures! Happy to see the homestead decorated so beautifully! My late husband and I used to have a holiday tradition. We would ride around to look at homes decorated for Christmas. We would rate them 1-10. He would rate the most gaudy ones 10. I would rate the homes like yours tastefully decorated 10. My tradition lives on but I go it alone, so Paul dear….. This home is a 10. How do you rate it? Bought lots of Beekman goodies for gifts. Merry Christmas!

Laurie kane

Your home is beautiful,, I’m from Earlville NY, just finished reading your book The Bucolic Plague, it was wonderful, couldn’t put it down. You guys are amazing, Merry Christmas to you and a Happy and Healthy New Year. I’m about 10 minutes from Colgate University.


Absolutely magical! Visiting your farm in on my wish list! One day…….

Love you guys, xxooxx


Very beautiful. Thank you for all your ideas and stories. Enjoy every email I receive. Keep sending pictures!!

Beverly Nan Murphy

Majestic, magic and not a footprint in sight. You guys must have pleasant dreams. xx

Janine McNamara

Oh my goodness guys!!! You have certainly outdone yourselves once again. You definitely are both filled with the Christmas spirit. It looks amazing. I am so jealous….

Carol Sue Hodge Piros

Boy do I remember winter snows like this growing up in Ames only 3 miles from Sharon Springs my entire childhood! Miss the snow at this time of year only. You guys need to go tobogganing when there is a full moon, on new fallen snow at Wintergreen Park on the road going to the first landing in Canajoharie for a truly wondrous winter experience. Plan to have lots of hot chocolate afterwards to warm you inside out!

Love what you are doing for Sharon Springs and that beautiful old mansion in particular!

Laurie Dimino

Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them with us. Even more special to me, because I was fortunate to tour your gorgeous home/farm this past September while attending the Sharon Springs Harvest Festival 2014. Loved every minute of it, and plan on making it an annual tradition! You guys are the BEST!!!
Merry Christmas XOXOXO


How were these shots taken? There’s an old “print” look to them. I’d love to learn your technique (and hardware).


Your pictures always makes me smile, but your generosity of taking the time and sharing them, makes you guys: priceless !!! Thank you. BTW, no snow in Canada yet…just saying. ­čÖé

Vickie Goldstein

as hard as the world tries…You can’t mess with “Mother Nature”….and all her glory…after 63 years of being on this earth photo’s like that still take my breath away…and I hope they continue to do so for another 30 years…with all the faults and issues on this world – we still should be able to find beauty everyday…in “Mother Nature”….thanks for the photo’s…..


That first shot is hauntingly beautiful! Amazing attention to detail and great camera!

Liz L.

These photos are simply stunning. So beautiful.
I agree, there is something haunting about snow at night, and the incredible silence.
I tried to describe the sound of snow falling to an Australian friend, but there are no words.