Late November and early December aren’t what most people would call the prettiest season on the farm. Unless there’s a snowstorm that sticks around for few days, the landscape is pretty drab. Dull. Brown, brown, brown.

During these busy holiday shopping weeks in the Beekman 1802 Mercantile, we almost never see the farm in daylight. We head down to the warehouse before the sun comes up, and come home long after it goes down. And while we think we might not be missing much, we are.

Because just like in life, when things around you seems colorless and boring, you really just need to look a little more closely. We recently took a walk around the farm and discovered a lot more brilliance than we could see from inside the windows.


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  • By: carol ahrens

    I too LOVE your products & watch faithfully each time you appear on Evine Live!!!! Your goat looks a lot like my dachshund Casey~~~This web site is great–

  • By: DeeDee Kramer

    I love you all of you…Hi Onder. you are a very lucky dog to have all that love from the boys, you so deserve, and that beautiful farm you all deserve…You are the most loving, good people…..Merry Christmas, thank you for all the caring that you put into your products for me, and all to enjoy…See you in the New Year, be safe and stay well……….
    Love from DeeDee Kramer from Olympia, Washington…your long time follower
    PS…Thank You Goats for all the cream!!!!!!!

  • By: Tammy

    Beautiful and colorful photos! I had this discussion with someone who was visiting from “the big city.” As we were driving along a country highway, she commented, “Ugh, why does anyone want to live here? It’s so brown and ugly. There’s just brown everywhere!”
    I looked around, and I did see brown everywhere, but I also saw the deep evergreens, copper branches of wild shrubs, charcoal grays of the deciduous trees, and the tall golden grasses. I pointed these out to her, and she had to agree. You just have to look beyond the brown to see the beautiful variety of colors!

  • By: Teresa

    Love your posts, guys. You make your customers feel like family. Happy Holidays!

  • By: happyyankee

    Very nice picture essay. You have a nice touch with both words and camera.

  • By: LB

    Incredible that you guys are still harvesting greens! You need a good recipe to use them up. The traditional Persian frittata “Kuku Sabzi” is great for this, plus it will use up some of the eggs you have:
    You can substitute any greens you have for what’s listed, that’s what a Persian cook would do.
    Thank you for diligently seeking out the color in this otherwise grey and leaden time of year. Best wishes for a smoothly proceeding birthing season for those goats.

  • By: Barbara A. Santiago

    Hi Josh and Brent! I just got done ordering the Beekman box and two of the hand caddies with wash and hand cream, one in the rose and the other in pure goat’s milk off Evine! I can’t wait to get them. I ordered the Beekman box last Christmas and loved it so much and had to get this years special! Thank you both for all the hard work and love you put into these items for us, you can tell it is done with such care for us all. I wish you both and farmer John and all the lovely goats and Onder a blessed Christmas season, filled with love and peace and joy. I thank you also for the wonderful photos you share with us, they are so beautiful!!! Sending love and peace to you, your neighbors from down south in Newport News Virginia! Sincerely Barbara and John Santiago and our little wirehaired blonde Doxie “Tizzy” too!

  • By: Cathy

    Made me sigh with pleasure. Love the sharing. I live in Michigan in a well populated area and we have no shortage of coyotes which made me wonder. Isn’t that a concern for you with the goats?

  • By: Dee

    Hey Guys been watching and shopping with you on evine, enjoy the shows so much and the baby goats. I know youve been really busy like Santa. But please consider my idea about the 4leaf clover. ( see previous post) Thank You

  • By: Kim

    Thanks for sharing! Made me smile. I live in sunny Southern California where not a whole lot about the landscape changes throughout the year. I’m lucky enough to live it the foothills so I’m out hiking or riding my bike every chance I get. There is something so rejuvenating about being out in nature.

  • By: Tina Ranieri

    Most awesome walk, starting with the dirt drive way and the muddy water, soo good and earthy, two lights over the barn door and concrete blocks piled on the side, paint missing on the barn tells me that barn is good and used for just the right thing, happy critters, little munched on fouyr leaf clovers, paw prints on the porch, dried garden delights, happy doggy and goats, and fat pumkin tells me all is alive and well here, and a good place for everyone who lives here who can be seen and for those who cant be seen. Jolly good!

  • By: Darlene

    I’m a very busy nurse working trauma and illness; thank you for the trip to the farm reminding us that life is full of wonder and special joys during even the cold winter days. The goats “smiling” faces made me laugh. The splendor of garden foods and gifts of pumpkins. Now, this will help me through my work days. Thank you Beekman Neighbors!

  • By: Rebecca

    Thank you! With an elderly parent who is gravely ill and a dear nephew with a new diagnosis of lesions on his lung – after successfully beating Ewing’s Sarcoma twice – I thought I was going to have a terrible day; however, the both of you, along with all of the residents of the farm, truly reminded me that life is hard – but God is good.

  • By: Bernadette

    I loved looking at your walk around the farm – it was the perfect way to start my day.

    Blessings to you and all your neighbors.

  • By: Carol

    We came for your Harvest Festival and loved your little town and also toured the farm. Charming. Love the pictures. Keep them coming. Love you guys!

  • By: Catherine J Stout

    You guys are just so much fun, so entertaining, and uplifting..I loved the walk thru the farm..I too wish your show would come on tv again..I would even enjoy seeing the reruns!..I wish the very best Xmas, and New Year, to you, your loved ones, neighbors, and all of your wonderful animals..

  • By: nlforst

    Gorgeous! I think the farm is pretty no matter the season!

  • By: doreen finnell

    THE ENTIRE EXPERIENCE VISITING YOUR FARM IS SO MEMORABLE….thank you for giving me a happy moment to revisit it again..Doreen finnell

  • By: Centralia Heart

    Each season has a beauty of its own. Right now I am enjoying a sound I haven’t heard in a very long time, water running the five brooks on our land. We had several glorious days of rain, thank God!

  • By: Jackie Hillman

    Loved your brown winter farm tour. It brings back memories of our house we so enjoyed in VanHornesville not far from you guys. We were younger then more tolerant of mud and blizzards! Now retired to the NJ shore. We do return for your Harvest Festival love it! Thanks for sharing. Beautiful pictures

  • By: Beth

    It’s time for another “barn raising/painting” party…. Not sure Brent will be able to trick the neighbors into that much free labor again… Hehe 🙂

  • By: Alice

    You guys have a way of making everything look special…even a Brussels sprout!! You make people happy, and that’s a gift!! You’re the best…

  • By: Sherry Scott

    Thank you so much for sharing! I truly enjoy and look forward to your pics. Peace and love to you all. 🙂

  • By: Cynthia Simpson

    Thanks for the pics!! Looking forward to the tour in July. While I wait I’ll just keep shopping at a the store 🙂

  • By: Susan

    Awesome pictures as always, feel like i just toured the farm in person! Thanks, and Happy holidays to all of you!

  • By: Susie

    Please paint/stain and maintain your barn to protect it and lengthen its life. Well worth it!

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Hi, Susie. The barn is over 100 years old, and it gets painted on a 5 year scheduled. It costs about $7000 to paint the barn each time

  • By: cheryl

    your farm is always like a breath of fresh air love you guys

  • By: arlene

    i have been trying to get in to see the moms to be to see how they are doing but i do not know how to get in to them can u sent me a link or some way to see them

  • By: Dee

    Hi Guys, truly enjoyed walking around the farm with you,. You have been blessed. Iam jealous, lol. There is 1 thing which caught my eye and its something we dont have here in bklyn ny. The 4 leaf clover. So was thinking maybe there could be a contest . luck winner gets a 4leaf clover from the farm., or if Josh could find enough of them …lol. you could put them in a case and sell them so we could all have a little piece of the farm. Just a thought Id like to share. looking forward to all the beekman gifts under the tree this year. TY

  • By: Elizabeth

    I love the inside peek we get into your life. Thanks for sharing! What happens to the baby goats when they are born? Do you keep them?

  • By: Michelle Simmons

    Seeing the farm always makes me happy. Hopefully, I will make it up there one day to visit!

  • By: Ben Welmaker

    Love your photos! I used to go to Maine every Fall without fail for a much-needed taste of the changing season. Your photos, though not of Maine, bring back some very fond memories. You are two lucky guys!

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