“So, do you live in the mansion with them?”

This is the question I get more than any other once someone finds out I film at the Beekman Mansion.

We’re a small crew that films the show –  only about 6 of us.  And while, no, we do not live at the Beekman, it certainly has come to feel like a second home. Brent and Josh have been incredibly welcoming ever since the first day of filming. So much so, they’ve even allowed us a little bit of space to call our own.

A year ago, if you walked into the east side of the house, you were greeted by a large piano, an antique sideboard, and shelves lined with vintage farming books. Today, it’s a bit of a different story.

What was once known in the Beekman as the Music Room, has steadily been turned into the Tech Room. Sure it was innocent at first: a small folding table against the wall so we had a place to set the cameras during lunch, a little corner to store the light stands in between interviews. And now…well, now it’s so far removed from resembling anything that belongs in the Beekman that you’ll notice the room doesn’t really exist on camera.

Sure you might catch a glimpse of the piano every now and then, but otherwise the room is packed on all sides with camera equipment, work stations, and the craft service table (snacks are an integral part of filming a tv show). We even put down our own carpets so we’d be allowed to wear shoes in the house – Brent really is a stickler about that.

It may appear to be a disaster zone, but I promise, we always clean up before we leave. Plus I think this kind of chaos is good for Brent to have in his life. It helps him grow.


-Angela Rae Berg is the Executive Producer of The Fabulous Beekman BoysBrent makes her wrap soap during down time.

by Angela Rae Berg

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One chaotic room in a perfect house IS probably a good thing…….in medicine and in business, of course, one wants to aim for perfection.In your home(Josh's home too) it's not so bad if every space does not look like a museum….does living in a museum really make you happy?

From Josh's comments in front of the camera, he doesn't seem all that happy with Perfectionism dominating everyday life. Please listen to him, Brent. Clearly Josh loves you tremendously; we can see your mom does too. You can be lovable AND imperfect… that's why thousands of fans already adore you.

Arienne Hunt

Love the posts! Love the picture of the piano–which I have the less restored sister of…I would like to know more about it, if anyone knows

Angela Rae

Hi Robin,

Love hearing that you watch with your daughters. Thanks for sharing!


I really like the show. Just hope you both continue to love and cherish each other. I've seen so many participants in reality shows go their seperate ways. There are so many people who envy the courage it took from both of you to do something we would all love to do….follow our dreams! Never lose sight of each other or let your dream come between the two of you, because before the dream there were the dreamers!

Robin Jurczak

My daughters and I love watching the show. While we watch, we chat about everything from how people resolve their isssues to humane farming to the differences between your household and ours. One of my daughters is autistic and the other is gifted and your show provides a wonderful opportunity for us to both be entertained and to share ideas. Thank you for sharing your lives with us.


Sounds like trying to keep my junior high classroom clean at school…impossible. Yes, uncontrollable clutter really does help a type A personality grow. I used to clean my classroom every day after school. I even washed all the tables with disinfectant. Now I do it once a week (on Friday so it stays that way for a clean Monday morning). It has been hard, but I've grown. There are some things you just can't control.

Dan Demianiw

Hi Josh&Brent,

Ok guys so who take care of your house wild

your doing your show?? Hey Josh don't you

get tied going city and back to the farm all

the time?…I would be. So when do you share

time with each other? You both are always

doing something on the farm.Don't you both

have dinner or go to a movie? Are you guys

happy staying busy? Your show is great and

I love it. Keep up good job. Dan


Among the other very important contributions "The Fabulous Beekman Boys" makes to our lives, it shows people that real committed couples in the real world have differences and disagreements and they don't split up just because there's been a little bickering. The strength of Josh and Brent's commitment and love is impressive. They allow each other to be who they are, with compassion and understanding, and they are clearly growing old together…with the emphasis on growing. That's what makes for a great marriage, not 24/7 la-la-land romance. I just love these guys.

Chris Eggleston

Do you allow Brent to go in and dust off the stuff? Sorry, I could not resist that low comment (after all…the world saw him IN THE STY..washing pigs!)


I have come to love the Beekman Boys for their courage and love for each other. They bring so much joy into our home. Thank you guys for being yourselves and doing what we all should be doing…. living for one another, loving with our hearts and sharing our most precious gift..our time.