Doing some heavy lifting

When we first launched the Mortgage Lifter line of sauces  in February, we asked our customers to give it a try and if they liked it to let their local grocery stores know.  Any many of you took that challenge to heart…including one very special follower on Facebook, Rock Edwards.

It takes a lot of jars of sauce to pay off even one small farm’s mortgage, and finding a big retail partner was essential to making the Mortgage Lifter Project successful.

A couple of months ago, we got a call from Chris Bostad, the director of specialty procurement at Central Market, a chain of 9 gourmet food stores throughout Texas.

“We receive a lot of samples. A lot. A customer from Houston [Rock Edwards] insisted that we try this new pasta sauce. We sampled it against some of our other pasta sauces, and we were blown away. We knew this item would be perfect for our Central Market customers!”

Each Central Market location offers a bountiful produce department with unmatched quality and variety; an 80-foot seafood case with more than 60 selections from throughout the world; an old-world full service butcher shop; 700+ cheeses; domestic and imported deli meats; scratch bakery that produces every item in store, 2,500 wine labels and almost 400 beers; and rows and rows of specialty grocery aisles filled with delights from every continent. Stores also have a world-class cooking school featuring hands-on instruction to teach customers how to best enjoy all the store has to offer, making Central Market one of the leaders in food retailing in the United States.

We think it’s the beginning of a beautiful relationship, and we thank you for all of your help in getting us this far.

Let the Mortgage Lifting begin!!



If you’re not in Texas, you can still get the Mortgage Lifter products directly from us by clicking here


by Josh and Brent

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So happy that TEXAS and Rock were leaders in getting the Mortgage Lifter out there!! Yummy!


Picked up 4 jars of Mortgage Lifter Heirloom Tomato Pasta Sauce at Central Market on Westheimer on Wednesday. Loved seeing Beekman’s flavored honey products, tomato jam, bruschetta, and BBQ sauce on display! Samples of the tomato sauce were offered to shoppers. All the best to the Fabulous Beekman Boys as they go wide!

a e Millard

Just bought 6 jars of mortgage lifter and some cinnamon honey at central market in San Antonio. I had to drive a few miles to get it, but it is worth it for such a good cause.

Randy Pruett and Jeff Skelly

We just returned from the Central Market in North Dallas where we bought the last jar of barbecue sauce and SEVERAL of each item. We look forward to trying all of them. Thanks and congratulations, Randy Pruett and Jeff Skelly


I used to be your “neighbor” from North Utica and moved to Dallas in July. What a wonderful surprise yesterday (October 5) to see Mortgage Lifter at the Central Market store on Lover’s Lane in Dallas! What was even better is that one of the chef’s was preparing samples with mashed potatoes using steak and your sauce! Of course, I had a sample and made a purchase, too! They were not just cooking and serving though…the chef and assistant were “mic’ed up” and singing praises about the products AND about you boys!! I got my iPhone out and took pics to share with you. Great job! Got the family voting for you! Speaking of the family, I think they are all gettng “sauce-d” for Christmas in their stockings! The cooking classes at CM are excellent…I can’t wait for you to come to Dallas!

Frank Munos

We love the Mortage Lifter and we know Rock, how wonderful for y’all, I can’t wait to stock up on more sauce. Central Market is just the right place to be.


Thank you, Rock, for your role in bringing Mortgage Lifter products to Houston! I’ll be swinging by Central Market next week to stock up. Can’t wait to meet the Beekman Boys when they come to town!!

Elizabeth Morrow

This is a perfect story to illustrate why this store is so great! They listen to their customers

Kathleen McKenzie

Congrats! When you are @ The Westchester or in Danbury this Fall check out DeCicco’s Marketplace Chain- The store in Brewster, NY (only a few miles from the William & Sonoma in Danbury) has a “Cicerone” managing their magnificent beer section. There is also a bar in this market. Oh and the charcuterie and artisanal cheese sections… OMG I can’t even. I was actually there yesterday and asked if they carried any of your products. Just seems like a place you would like. http://www.deciccos.com/ In the meantime, my Mortgage Lifter sauce should be coming today in the mail 🙂


Love love Mortgage Lifter pasta sauce. It is soooo good and we have the whole family hooked on it. I use it for special occasions or when friends or family are in town. Have used a few jars as gifts too.


Great news about Central Market…they’re in my neck of the woods, and they represent the best of what’s local and organic. It’s a very well run chain, they have the best selection of produce, meat and wines. And now I can buy Mortgage Lifter here in Texas? Brilliant!

Rock Edwards

Hey Boys ! So glad you and Chris were able to connect ! I knew Central Market would be a fantastic fit for your products and you personally. Did they talk to you about the cooking classes ? Remember when you make it to Houston we would love to meet you. Happy I could help with the introductions. Best of luck !

Suzanne Koba

We don’t have any Wegman’s in Ohio but love to go in and shop around when in New York. Might want to try checking them out.