Since its inception in 1975, the Glimmerglass Festival (like Tanglewood and Jacob’s Pillow in Massachusetts) has brought hundreds of thousands of people into a rural area for an unparalleled cultural experience.

Since assuming the role of Artistic and General Director in 2010, Francesca Zambello has taken the summer production series to new acclaim.  Equally as important, she has engaged the surrounding communities in the production and excitement of the season creating both a cultural and economic impact in our area of upstate NY.

This year, we have a special affinity for one of the productions.


The owner of a grand country estate invites his city friends for a weekend of bucolic frolic–hilarity and enlightenment ensue.   

Does this storyline sound familiar? Ariadne in Naxos was written in 1912 which only goes to show that city folk and country folk have considered each other exotic creatures for a long, long time.

With a sly since of humor and a nod to Sharon Springs, Francesca has incorporated several winks and nudges to Beekman 1802.

For perhaps the first time ever, Muck Boots go to the Opera.  Take a look:



If you are going to be anywhere near our part of the world this summer, please check out Ariadne and the other amazing productions at Glimmerglass this year.  For more information on tickets, click here


Special thanks to photographer Karli Cadel for documenting the day.





by Josh and Brent

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PS. If I were going to the evening production I would add my opera shawl from Beekman. That I will wear to Carousel!


Going to Ariadne on Tuesday……should I wear my Beekman muck boots or my gold sandals hmmmmmmmmm??!!


That black and white photo of josh is stunning. How cool! Loved the caption it smelled like lemons! ha!

Sandy S.

I am SO sad I live so far away!! I love that you both were in the show, and Avery,too! Tell Francesca her childhood neighbors, Darci and Sandy say “Howdy-do”!

Liz L.

Wow this is really great! I love the barn door map of NYS – maybe there’s a way to keep it after the production ends. The picture of the inside of the barn is gorgeous too – they got that magnificent dusk sky just right.