Francis Bacon once said that a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds.

Almost as soon as we started making soap with artisan Deb McGillycuddy, we formed the B. 1802 Rural Artisan Collective—weavers, woodworkers, ceramicists, blacksmiths and other local craftspeople working together to create greater opportunities for all.

Everything we create at Beekman 1802 is intended to help you cultivate a better life, and as a company we want to cultivate future creative talent. We started thinking what was the most valuable real estate we had to offer, even more valuable than a spot on the Mercantile shelves?  It had to be our shopping bags which we know people recycle and use over and over again.

We decided to commission up and coming visionary artists to design our signature shopping bags to give their work greater exposure.

Diaz + Young (read more about them here) uses photo montage to form surreal or fantastic images that create an eerie sense of reality and an ironic refutation of photography as truth. If you have the Winter 2017 Edition of our Beekman 1802 Almanac magazine, you’ll see the behind-the-scenes of creating the shots as part of our Instastory feature.

The idea that two artist photographers—one male, the other female—can work together while being separated by a vast ocean is revolutionary—but such is the nature of this groundbreaking exploration.  Read more about The International Collaboration Project by Francisco Diaz (USA) + Deb Young (New Zealand) here.

But just because we have something new, doesn’t mean we’re getting rid of our old bags entirely. If you are the nostalgic sort of person, we’ll bring back our classic brown bag every once in a while for “Brown Bag Special” events at the Mercantile. Be on the lookout for those.

And don’t worry— if you’re a diehard brown bagger, you can ask for one when you’re checking out at the Mercantile.

Until then, if you meet someone in your life waiting for an opportunity to knock, the very least you can do is help them build a door.

by Josh and Brent

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Grammy from Georgia

Are these new shopping bags going to be for sale on the web site? They are beautiful. Unfortunately I cannot make the trip to the Mercantile, so I would like to buy them online.

Shawna Hopkins

Hello Beekman Family, I hope your summer was wonderful. I’m writing to you because I recently purchase the gift set from HSN. I was sadden by the package it came in. I was looking forward to giving this set to my daughter for her birthday, and I know how much pride you take in the packaging itself with the box and ribbon and the heartfelt notes you put in every package. I was just so excited to get your package and then disappointed at the same time. I really do admire you both and I stay up past 2 am so I could get this great deal after seeing both on the show. I’m truly sorry if I sound disrespectful in any way, just looking forward to the Beekman love you put toward your packaging and products. With all my love and support sincerely, Shawna Hopkins

Heidi Meka

Hi Shawna!
We are so sorry that you were disappointed! Can you contact us here at Neighbor Services so we can better assess the problem and find an appropriate resolution? 888.801.1802×1

Julie Clemons

I too felt disappointed by the way my special value was packaged I thought it would be a boxed special like they talked about. Mine wasn’t even wrapped that neat. But I did love the product!

Patricia Ray

Enjoying my Beekman treasures! I have purchased soap bars, pump soap,and so many skin products that have changed the way my skin looks and feels. My favorite scents are Oak Moss and “voluptuous” Fig!
I started with the vanilla absolute and got addicted to this wonderful line of products.
I have the awesome Beekman truck cookie jar and just love it…as well as the hand crafted book bar that holds the pages of your autographed cookbook open.
You guys are Awesome! Congrats on the new shopping network accomplishments! Wishing you the best!
Looking forward to the next airing.

Mary K Maxfield

I made my 1st purchase today the Today’s special w/soap. I am excited to receive them
and hope to order other products in the near future. Thank you for your hard in Tully, NYwork.

Your neighbor