From the moment the ground is thawed each spring, till the moment I can no longer break through frozen ground in late fall, I start each day in the garden. Early. Really early. Like, roll-out-of-bed-and-throw-on-sweats early. From June-August I don’t even have to wait for the sun to come up. I just grab a cup of coffee & bowl of yogurt (I add fruit in the garden,) wake up the dog, and head out. Early morning is the best time to surprise attack bugs, pull weeds from the damp soil, and harvest berries and other veggies at their plumpest.

Along with my coffee, I grabbed my camera this morning so I could take you on tour. This is one of the best garden seasons since we moved to Beekman 1802 Farm, and yes, I’m gonna show it off. Gardeners, like fishermen, are consummate braggarts. Hope you enjoy the photos. (You should see the cucumber that got away.)

by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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It’s been 2 years since you planted those tomatillos. Do you find them volunteering everywhere in your garden? I love the fruit and the plant is a bee magnet, but mine volunteer like crazy. I only have 1/2 acre, but I find them cropping up in distant places from their original plantings.

Great photo tour, especially the frames featuring Onder. And I love that you shared the sad carrots…the story of my gardening life…makes my brown thumbs feel a little less embarrassed. Thank you for virtually sharing your gorgeous farm!


We moved over the summer so the only thing I’ve planted here are pots of herbs and my Marshall Strawberries that I brought with me. This trip to your garden was exactly what I needed!

Sheilah Delaney Buettner

What a wonderful way to start the day! Thanks for sharing. All of your hard work in the garden really shows. You’re entitled to brag. Hope Onder got his treat when you got back to the house.

jeda (jpdf)

What a beautiful ritual in the garden :* Thanks for sharing, Josh & Onder! 🙂


The garden looks great again this year! I have to agree with Brent on the black cherry tomatoes. I can’t wait!

Lisa Lundgren

Beautiful! These pictures made my day (and made me hungry!). I live in an apartment so my garden consists of basil on my windowsill. Thank you for sharing.

Pat Fielding

Thanks for sharing – great pictures and enjoy seeing the garden and your special helper.


The love and care you put into this garden has yielded amazing, beautiful results. Thanks so much for sharing!


Wonderful! I never thought of planting basil under the tomatoes. Great tip; will make picking for salads and sauce easier. Puppy looks like she’s still growing! What a lucky girl!!

Robin A

I saw this entry just in time to sit and enjoy it while I ate my lunch. Beautiful gardens. I know it’s a joy for you to walk them each morning. Thank you for sharing that joy with us too.

Melody McSweeney

Thanks for the walk – I really needed to get out of my own head today. . . loved the picture of onder titled “too early”. . . how in the world have you become such an accomplished gardener in the short amount of time you’ve been there – am very happy to see two people that enjoy their lives. . . best to you both. . .


I want to try a yellow raspberry. Where can I find them for sale? Your garden is beautiful! How did you know that one bee was not yours? Could it be he wasn’t wearing Beekman1802 boots?! I also learned about a few veggies I have not heard of until today! I enjoyed looking at your pictures!

Carol Wigley

Beautiful garden and photos. I also learned a lot! Onder is a lovely early morning companion. Hope she got a real treat after!


what a great visit. the garden is amazing and I’m so surprised that our crazy winter made for such a great growing and harvest season.


Love the garden, but especially love that precious dog…….and you. Thank you for vicariously living my life so well. I appreciate it. 😉


First year I’ve tried English peas and I love them. Best part is I can shell them while watching the news. My dog loves them and will sit and watch me as I shell them.

Castro Felicita

Thanks for the beautiful tour. Your hard work has paid off and there is a lot of love in your stories. Enjoy creating wonderful dishes.


Your garden looks fabulous! You can tell how much time and love goes into it – I don’t see a weed anywhere! I could ask you questions about the garden all day, but I’ll just ask two. At the Spring Garden Party we were told soy beans were planted where the tomatoes usually are. Have they been harvested already? Second question, do you have problems with Colorado Potato Beetle? Oops I have a third question – what beetle ate your gooseberries? So many questions, so little space!

Liz L.

Thanks for the garden tour Josh! I’ve never tried golden raspberries before, but I’ll look for them next time I’m at a farmer’s market or grocery store.

When I was a kid, my dad was always trying to grow raspberries and never seemed to have any luck. Usually the best he could get was a few each morning to add to his cereal. But thanks to some well-landed bird poop, we ended up with a very healthy unplanned wild blackberry patch that grew up in the middle of some scrubs. It thrived on our neglect, and had to be cut back each year as it otherwise would have taken over the entire yard. My mom made the most amazing pies with those berries.

Beverly Nan Murphy

Josh to let you know your labors of love are so appreciated, the gardens, the photography and that oh-so-wise and patient helper. He says so much with those eyes.
Not able this year to do as much as I love to do, so you light up my life. I attempted a crazy quilt of thymes in a small part of the garden and next year will expand it with more textures and colors. God always has new ideas. Luv it all and thanks dearheart. xx