A word of warning: A lot of ghost videos try to scare you. This one won’t.

Nothing’s going to pop up at you. Or move mysteriously. Instead, we wanted to share a quiet meditative moment on the farm with you. Whether or not you believe in ghosts, we believe you certainly should always remember those who came before you. So we’re peacefully shutting you in the Beekman crypt for one quiet minute to remember the people in your life who made their mark on yours. Maybe it’s the family who built the historic home you live in now. Or your relative who first made the trip to America. Or simply a departed friend whom you still carry in your life today.

Take this moment of silence we captured on a rainy afternoon in the Beekman crypt, and say “thank you” and “hello” to someone you miss. If you’d like to share their story in the comments section below, please do. Everyone lives on.


by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Debra Gilley

I know this was first posted long ago but it’s very relevant to me now. This year at Harvest Festival there will be a locked box in the crypt that will hold the memories of visitors forever in that sacred space. It’s such a wonderful idea and I will be adding my memory to it of a friend I lost a little over a year ago. My dear friend Steve was my son’s partner but he was so much more to me than that. We bonded over medical tragedy and ordinary happenstance. And when he died unexpectedly it was a blow I have yet to recover from. We shared a love of the Beekman Boys and one of his fondest wishes was to visit the farm someday. He never made it but a tiny piece of him will live there forever thanks to this awesome opportunity. Thank you Josh and Brent.

Cynthia Lou

Thank you both for bringing your desire of living on a working farm, through hard work and compromise, to a reality and sharing that journey with us.

I like that you shared a true farming moment with us when the pigs were butchered. I believe many people never make the connection that packaged meat or dollar burgers were once loving animals. Even though I was in tears with you through the whole episode, I feel everyone should experience that, at least once in their lifetime.

If it hadn't been for watching the show, and knowing Josh is okay now, I don't know if I could have finished reading Josh's, "I Am Not Myself These Days: A Memoir". I thought I would laugh my way through it while learning about Aqua and instead found myself crying and wanting to hold Josh and Aqua and tell them it would be all right. I hope writing it was cathartic for you Josh. It was very interesting to take that journey with you too. I hope your body has recovered from all it went through and you didn't sustain too much physical or emotional damage.

Blessed be,


Debbie Mercurio

I absolutely love your show…I think what really touches me is the love that you have for each other. Your farm is beautiful, your show is great and I wish you both all of the love, happiness and laughter that your hearts can contain..and of course much success with your farm, soap, cheese and any other adventures that come your way.



Robin Jurczak

I've lost 8 important people in the last 3 years. Professionals call this "depression." I call it "chemical handling of the situation." Listen, Josh–Maybe you're better off just not dealing with it. I know you guys are about 10 months behind real time–but take it from me…I'm functioning pretty well and there's no reason to go beyond just dealing with the day to day…except for TV. It's tough enough to deal with your own shit without thinking in terms of others' entertainment.

Love you guys. As a serious fan–I'm suggesting to you both — don't give us too much. Your relationship is worth way more than the entertainment value for Planet Green. It's just too hard to hang onto a genuine love and the real deal to make it as cheap as we watch on TV – even ccerebral, beautiful TV like Planet Green or Discovery Channel. Love you guys — and I REALLY mean it!

Julie Smelser

You have such quiet poignancy in your writing. I really enjoy it, Josh. Thank you for this moment.