When a new business opens up on Main Street, it’s a cause for celebration.  Last fall Main Street made room for the Spring House Spa, and now we are welcoming 204 Main Street, a new bistro and wine bar devoted to seasonal, locally sourced foods (the fact that it is right next door to the Beekman 1802 Mercantile could spell danger).


Meet Jim & Norm

About twenty years ago, a conversation started between my husband and myself about how great it would be to have our own restaurant. Over the years, through countless careers, life situations, and experiences, the conversation kept growing and growing. The paths of our lives took many detours, but this one thing always stayed very strong and fixed. One day we would own our own restaurant.

Nine years ago, our lives were forever changed by a dog named Eva. We had been looking for a Swiss Mntn. Dog puppy and stumbled across a breeder in Sharon Springs, NY. Ginny worked at the American Hotel, and had a very soon to be born litter of Swissies forthcoming. The “Baroness Eva von Chelsea” ( Eva to her friends) was born April 27th, 2002. We came to Sharon Springs to get her, and Norm, my husband, couldn’t stop talking about the village.

We took Eva home with us to Boston, but a very odd seed had been planted. I, the dyed -in-the-wool city boy, was having daydreams about having space, about having land of my own. “My own little corner of the sky” if you will. ( Oh come
on, I am a gay man, after all.)

Anyway, we kept returning to Sharon Springs because the friendships we had made with some of its residents. They were becoming more important to us and the “lifestyle” was much more livable.

So 5 years ago we bought a house . Then came the big question. What the hell are we gonna do out here? Always in the back of our minds, the conversation started 20 yrs. ago. THE RESTAURANT !!!!!!!!!!

Two years ago, we bought the property at 204 Main Street, Sharon Springs, NY. And after much blood, sweat, and, tears, 204 Main Bar & Bistro has opened its doors.

Many questions have yet to be answerred ………..All in due time.

In the next few months, weʼll blog about different elements of the restaurant which are unique and unusual from the tabletops handmade by Norm from an old silo, to the dilemma of sound dampening as art. (learn more from Jim in the front of the house, right now, click here)

And Norm–affectionately known as the “kitchen bitch”–will be joining us to lend some insight to the dishes served at 204 Main Bar & Bistro…And boy, does he have some opinions.  (learn more from Norm in the back of the house right now, click here)

So welcome to 204 Main Bar & Bistro.

Weʼre glad youʼre here





Norm & Jim


Check out the current menu at 204 Main.  Click here

by Josh and Brent

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Had a lovely dinner here on a wet, foggy Monday night in January. The menu is simple, and elegant. The Beef Pot Pie took the edge off of the cold evening. Excellent food and service all around.

Check out the renovation-local wallpaper and and pleasant air about the entire place.

Get ready Jim and Norm…..we're putting the positive word on the street. All the best to you both!


I love the place so cool so unaffected and really original

The food was awesome and filling and I after my delicious tart

I was complete. Thank you for keeping it affordable and remarkable

Our dinner is now a fond memory


Another wonderful addition to the town. Can't wait to visit. I'm a weekender from the Middleburgh area, will be around in the spring. Good luck to you.


All the best to you in 2012! We had dinner at your restaurant during the Victorian Festival; you were recommended by our wonderful hotel proprietors at the New York House. Really enjoyed the food and the service was wonderful.

Marilyn Engle

I was there last week-end with my friend Kathy. We stayed at THE AMERICAN HOTEL and had dessert/coffee at your BISTRO. Loved it! We'll be back!

Kathy Bunting

My friend Marilyn and I spent the night in town last Saturday. We went to the Bistro for coffee. We had Roulade and Apple Tart. Unreal! We chatted with Norm and had a very pleasant time. Can't wait to return. Good luck guys.


cannot wait to get over and try a out a few things on the menu, they all sound great!

Dana Dornburgh

Omg! I love it when gay guys buy property in Sharon, it always turns out well !!!! Welcome and best wishes. I consider myself a bit of a wine wench, so I'll come soon! Just don't give me the PMS mug that Doug and Garth did at their cafe! My husband did find that funny…

Denise LeVasseur

Thank you for sharing your story. We are looking forward to dining at 204 Main Bistro and Bar during Harvest Festival 2012! Can't wait for the next Harvest Festival and another visit to beautiful Sharon Springs.


I agree about the lifestyle up there! I'll be moving too in 6 months. From one Chef to two more: Good luck and I can't wait to be your guest!

Joe Carney

Very good food. My daughter, Georgina and I had lunch at the Bistro and we will be back.

Lisa Leavelle

Sounds like a great place in a great town. I am looking forward to being a transplant soon!