Brent and Josh stepped into a fairy-tale world for a magical collaboration with world-renowned artists Francisco Diaz and Deb Young.

Franciso Diaz and Deb Young “met” on Facebook in 2013. Diaz lives in New Jersey and Young in New Zealand. They’ve taken the historically solo activity of photography and turned it into a collaborative process by working together in real-time, looking through each other’s camera lens while 8,000 miles apart. They call themselves The International Collaboration Project.

We’re big fans of their series of portraits, called The Wandering Kind (you might recall a previous post of ours about the project), depicting modern people in settings inspired by old fairy tales and folklore. We invited the artists to Beekman Farm to see how their eyes would see our world. To see more of their work visit

The Goatherd and the Goats by Aesop

In this Aesop’s fable, a winter storm overtakes a goat herder and his goats, and he drives them into a large cave for shelter. It happened that some wild goats had already taken refuge there. The herder was so struck by the size and look of these wild goats that he gave to them alone all the food he could collect. The storm lasted many days, and the tame goats, being entirely without food, died of starvation. As soon as the sun shone again the wild goats ran off, as was their nature. The goat herder went home with no goats, and was well laughed at by all for his folly.

Moral: Those who neglect their old friends for the sake of new ones are rightly served if they lose both.

The Seven Ravens by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

In this Grimm Fairy Tale, a peasant has seven sons before his wife finally gives birth to a daughter. She is born sickly, and the father sends his sons to fetch water for a hasty baptism. The boys, in a rush to be helpful, each wants to be first to bring back water. But in their pushing and shoving, they fall, one by one, into the well.

When they do not return, the father thinks that they have gone off to play and wishes that they be turned into ravens – which promptly happens. In their new form, they fly from the well and off into the wilderness.

When the daughter becomes an adult, she feels guilt for her part in losing her brothers, and traverses the earth to find them. She finally discovers them in the care of a dwarf, removes the curse, and they all return home.

Moral: Be careful what you wish for.

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by Aray Till

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Joan Louise

I wish I could magically enter into your world of imagination and old world charm and antiquity! It would be nice to escape the grief and sadness here in this one. But without sounding remorse, I can vicariously imagine such a world of pleasantry and love reading all about Sharon Springs, The Beekman Farm and create my own happiness within. The beautiful well-crafted products are magical in themselves and create in my personal space a wonder and charm all its own. Thank you. I am Beekman!

Nancy Jenkins

I liked the stories you posted. Been a long time since heard Grimm and Aesop.
The animals at the Merch window was cute. I collect roosters on and off. In Chinese zodiac I am rooster.
Is the Almanac available for Canadians yet?
I got the lights on roof for Christmas, hired someone.
This and following weekends having my Indoor Downsizing sale. 3 boxes gone so getting empty, sort of. If any neighbours up my way I accept U.S.$ and Can.$. Good condition all my goods, collectibles too.
Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from neighbour in Medicine Hat, AB. Canada. Ad in local Kijiji on going till sold out. New Year new items for sale.