Do you remember how thrilling it was to receive a love letter?

Tucked through the narrow slots of your locker,
or traveling across the vast expanses of a classroom
through a sea of children’s hands
before landing on your desk?

This is a love letter to you.

You’re one of the community
of people that nourished our relationship
through 14 years so that we could get to this day.

Thank you!


We know it’s impossible for everyone to be physically with us on this day but please feel

free to use the comments section below as our “virtual guestbook”

by Josh and Brent

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Joan Barnes

I have followed you since I read “The Bucolic Plague”. I knew it would be a funny book with that title – reminded me of “The Egg and I” from years ago. Then I read “I’m not the Man I was”, followed by every episode of “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” and then “The Amazing Race”. I so admire the way you have marketed yourselves – what a brand you have become. My daughter, Wendy, and I are heading your way on Aug. 12th. We are looking forward to seeing the Beekman Mansion, and Beekman Mercantile. Congratulations on your wedding. I’ve loved looking at the pictures. Hope you do another T.V. show soon.
Best wishes to you both,
Joan Barnes

Shelley Echtle

You two are so special to Danny & I, as we are fellow farmers, with his past of goats and rabbit raising. I was going to make you some of our superb summer wine, but my health stopped me this spring. However, I wish you the love I have found; pure, trusting, patient, honorable, and a continual falling in love with your mate. May you find all the kindnesses you both deserve! Congratulations! ~8~

Tracy Whitlatch

My sons and I have watched the two of you since the beginning….(16 and 18)….We have all loved meeting you and all of yours….Thank you for showing us that dreams are possible and how being a positive force contributes to this world….You have been positive role models for all of us and we are so very happy that you are finally able to be married….Congratulations! We pray for your continued happiness and good fortune! Prayers and blessings for Sharon Springs! What a great community!

Karen McClellan

Funny enough I bought your cookbook before I ever knew who you were. I noticed a friends Facebook feed about you so I did a little webpage browsing and sought out your show. Only had to watch one before I became enamored with your story, sort of remembering some if it from the soap episode on Martha. I have since finished The Bucolic Plague and watched all the reruns that have aired since (I anxiously await a new season, I believe I saw talk of one). Being a marriage equality advocate I am so happy that times have changed enough for life to offer you all the joy you deserve. A big congratulations on your wedding and wish that your dreams continue to come true. Sharon Springs has been added to my bucket list of things to do and I’m excited that I’ll get to meet you on your new book signing tour. It’s already on my calendar.

Margaret Gibbs

I first saw you on the Amazing Race and was so excited when you won the million dollars! Then I found out about your TV show and having been watching and loving it ever since! Congratulations on your beautiful wedding and I wish you love and happiness forever!

michele cowden

Congratulations ! Always remember the love that brought you together and never go to bed angry. Have a long happy life.

Erica Neal (Arizona)

I have followed all of you since the first TV show, bought your wonderful products and read all of the books by both of you! I feel so honored to be able to sign the guest book now. You and the entire farm have come a long way, and you are so very deserving of every happiness in the world! Hugs.


The world is in troubled times…and in the hustle bustle of our daily lives the Beekman Boys once again come to our rescue with a smile to warm our hearts.
Congratulations for your marriage. May you find something in every day to remind you of why you made this wonderful commitment to each other. May love always be at the center of your relationship and may you always be each others best friend. Best wishes for a long and wonderful life together.
Thank you for sharing your day with us.


Congratulations Josh and Brent! We have been huge fans of yours since your 1st season of being FABULOUS! Our hearts are filled with happiness for you both and wish you a life time of love and continued success.
Thank you both for being a inspiration to so many.
Cheryl (Las Vegas)