PolkaSpot:  My Llife in Pictures

Polka Spot has traveled the world as a fashion model, pop superstar, movie star, magazine editor, diplomatic problem-solver, and general global icon. She has gone where no llama has gone before. Her life in pictures is worth a million words. And, of course, every one is massively important.

This is why she thought it vitally important to document her life in the form of a comic book series.  There will be four Collector’s Edition issues of the comic each year.  In Issue #1, her and her sidekick, Jolene, get involved in a jewelry heist while attending a fashion event in NYC.

PolkaSpot believes that everyone should have the opportunity to be a diva for a day.  Don’t you?

See more of PolkaSpot in the Mercantile



by Josh and Brent

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jeda (jpdf)

Oh, wow! Polka Spot and Jolene are such amazing characters! 🙂 Slide 3 is beautiful! Thanks for the bonnet tips, Polka Spot! :* Funny and smart!


Actually, I think you should document the goats and PolkaSpot in a calendar. Every Fabulous Beekman Boys fan would want one…please, please consider it. You could even include farming tips and other Sharon Springs trivia.