Since childhood, I have been fascinated with terrariums.

Even though the worlds that were created between those 4 glass walls were finite and small, the corners and bends around which I couldn’t see left room for the imagination to create a universe of immense proportions.

There are many reasons that a glass house was a symbolic Christmas gift to give Josh this year.

Of course, neither Josh nor I are really stone-throwers (truth-be-told, we aren’t even that good at skipping rocks on the pond), but we’ve learned other things by living in a glass house.

So much of life is focused on exteriors: what clothes we wear, what cars we drive, our hairstyle, the height of the grass in the yard.  With so many superficial distractions, modern culture provides precious little time for introspection.

Imagine for a moment what your life would be like if a camera caught your every move.  Odds are that in the instant-replay, you wouldn’t always like the things you hear yourself say, the things you see yourself do, and ESPECIALLY not the way you look in what you thought was your favorite outfit.

Having a video mirror image of your life makes self-examination (of both the exterior and the interior variety) a lot easier.  But it’s not necessary.   Five minutes a day of contemplation about what was said and what was done, would make anyone a better person.

As beautiful as this glass work of art is, with all of its precise angles and transparency, what’s lacking is crystal clear.  I cannot wait until we start filling it up, bringing it alive, creating corners, bends…universes.

After all, the most important lesson from a glass house is that it’s what’s inside that matters.

This terrarium is a scale replica of the Beekman Farm.  Michael McCarthy, our B. 1802 blacksmith, worked on the project for over a year, forging each spindle and column and cutting each piece of glass.  To see more of Michael’s work, click here.

The terrarium now rests atop The Table.

In the comments section below, share with us what YOU find when you look inside.

by Dr. Brent

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Mary Angela

What I see are two beautiful souls who have learned how to love each other completely. Who respect each others differences while also embracing them and who, through an enormous amount of generosity ( because it is NOT easy to live in a glass house ) are now sharing that love with people both near and far. Like me.

Thank you 🙂

I remember after watching 'Walk the Line' I cried like a baby. I thought…how incredibly amazing to be loved so totally, so irrevocably. To love and be loved unconditionally…

It is difficult, it is hard, it is rare. But it is a gift more valuable then all the gold and silver in the world. Sharing that gift, well, that is worth it's weight in gold and silver…because love shared is love multiplied.

So, thank you again, both of you. For sharing your love for each other and in doing so, inspiring, creating and giving that gift of love to everyone who knows you, and even those who don't. Like me. 🙂

God Bless and keep you both,

With lots of love,

Mary Angela