Basin Harbor Club is an historic resort on the shores of Lake Champlain. This family-owned resort (five generations) has been creating memories for families since 1886 (Yup! That’s 130 years!). With over 700 acres of amazing property, over 70 cottages, dozens of lodge rooms, restaurants, pub, stunning gardens, hundreds of water and land activities, golf course and much more—there is never a dull moment.

We’ve stayed at the resort several times and are charmed by its truly American old-school hospitality.

Basin Harbor Club as recently started renovating (and you know how much we love breathing new life into old spaces) all of their cabins with the help of interior designer Joanne Palmisano. Joanne specializes in the use of vintage and found objects in her designs.

You might pick up a few ideas from her while picking out a new place on your Bucket List to visit!

by Josh and Brent

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