The Sunshine Fair (our county fair) has been held at the historic Cobleskill Fairgrounds annually since 1876, and we were so honored to be asked to be the Grand Marshals of the parade this year.  We also got the plum jobs of judging the pickle contest, the blueberry muffin contest and the Iron Spinner competition.

Flip through the photos and spend the day with us!



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  • By: Beth

    Never heard of pickled peaches before! Looks like a lot of fun & a great day!

  • By: Karen Russo

    We were at the Schoharie fair on Saturday! Had a great time with the family. Sorry we missed you!

  • By: northcountryrustics

    The simplicity is what makes the County Fair such a wonderful experience…Thank goodness that the tradition still continues!

  • By: Erin C.

    That made me nostalgic for county fairs back in my hometown in Nebraska. Looks like a great time!

  • By: Betsy

    My spinning guild just demonstrated spinning at our local 4-H Fair and it was SO much fun to educate people about spinning and see how fascinated they are by it! Maybe one day, you’ll raise some sheep along with the goats – I’ve love to spin Beekman wool!

  • By: ruby t

    That looks like a wonderful fair with a mix of activities. I am not too fond of the rides either unless it is the carousel!

  • By: jeda (jpdf)

    Awesome pictures!!! It seemed like a very busy, yet oh-so-fun day for you guys! 🙂 Love seeing your smiles! :*

  • By: Maria

    What a great day!!!!! That is truly old Americana at it’s best! I live in the small and historic town of Pensacola and this place does a great job of it’s share of fairs and festivals! Keep your beautiful posts coming- Maria

  • By: Karen

    Is it me? That kid on the ride looks just like Josh minus a few things. 🙂

  • By: Angela

    Nothing like a county fair to renew your spirit! Nice pics

  • By: Aaron

    Hey, there’s my yarn! I hope you boys had as much fun judging that competition as I had competing. It was a pleasure to meet you both. Thanks so much!

    • By: Dr. Brent

      Great job on the “birthday party” yarn! Everyone did such an amazing job.

  • By: Frances Bogert Guilmette

    Great pics, love the one with you both holding the babies…;) I just love you Beekman boys, you always bring a smile to my face even if my day isn’t going well.. Keep on doing what you both do best to bring sunshine to so many people…

  • By: Kate's Daughter

    We used to love the county fairs! The livestock and the agriculture areas were our favorite. The NYS Fair is really nice too! Thanks for the photos. So nice to share a bit of the day with you.

  • By: ann marie chamberlain

    Love the photos!!! looks like everyone had a great and fun time best shot the baby holding looks very natural!! maybe something to think about in the future for you both!!Parenthood Yes!!

  • By: Monica H

    Wonderful pictures! I love going to the county fair. For great rides, Brent, you should visit Cedar Point in Ohio. Greatest coasters and rides ever (and plenty for Josh to enjoy, as well!)

  • By: Susan Elwood

    Nothing like a county fair! Thanks for sharing Wish I was there! (No goats there???

  • By: Lisa

    Oh… I can smell it! Is there anything better than a county fair! Thanks for sharing!

  • By: Anna

    Can you two be any happier together? You always bring a smile to my face. I know life has not been perfect or easy for either of you, but it is so rewarding to see the pure pleasure in your expressions now. Bless your little hearts.

  • By: revrandy

    You are so blessed … good friends, good life, and all that great karma being shared so graciously with the world!

  • By: Beverly Nan Murphy

    You guys are having waaaay too much fun.
    i’m with Josh in middle of midway, but not looking half as cute. Got my own vertigo, why buy more on a freaky ride? : ) Yarns are unique and those blueberry muffins? Linger longer. yum.

  • By: Linda

    What a lot of fun you had! Silly me, had to work, in an office no less!

  • By: Roberta

    I’d take any of that yarn from the spinning competition – I could knit you a lovely winter hat!

  • By: nlforst

    Looks like a fabulous day at the fair! Brent, good on you for enjoying the rides 🙂

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