The formal flower garden right outside the back door of the farm house is one of our favorite places to take a walk in the summer gloaming, and nothing makes decorating for a dinner or a guest as easy as having a cutting garden.

Our friend, artist and gardener, Frances Palmer, has shared her list of the best resources to get you started.  Pay a visit or order from their websites


for Spring Bulbs:

VAN ENGELEN (based in Bantam, CT)

  • Tulips:  Bastogne, Black Hero, Black Parrot, Flaming Parrot, Carnaval de Nice, Gudoshnik, Queen of the Night, Sprying
  • Muscari:  Superstar, Valerie Finnis
  • Fritillaries:  Fritllaria meleagris
  • Narcissi:  Cragford, Rapture, White Lion, King Alfred, Barret Browning, Ice Wings


for Dahlia Tubers:

ENDLESS SUMMER FLOWERS (based in Camden, Maine)

  • Favorites:  Hamilton Lillian, Fidalgo Knight, Taiheiyo, Pop Talk, Duet, David Digweed, Wildwood Marie, Pink Gingham, Crazy Legs, Dark Magic, Penhill Maroon Globe


Frances’ recipe for dahlia-specific fertilizer:  2 parts Espoma bone meal to one part Espoma sulfate of potash


for Annual Flower Seeds:

JOHNNY’S SELECTED SEEDS (based in Winslow, Maine)

  • Cutting garden essentials:  Scabiosa, Nigella, Rudbeckia, Calendula, Zinnias, Sunflowers, Cosmos, Marigold, Hyacinth Bean, Sweet Peas, Nasturtium, Morning Glory


for Herbs:

GILBERTIE’S HERB GARDENS (based in Westport, CT)



You can plant some of our favorite selections from the Beekman flower garden.  Click here.

 Need help displaying your blooms, try our One Singular Sensation Bud Vase.  Click here

by Josh and Brent

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Cathy Kopf

Hurricane Sandy removed two trees from a 9 x 12 section of my garden…it will now be transformed into a cutting garden! Close a door. Open a window. My question…do you leave your bulbs in the bed or remove them? Thanks.

Dr. Brent

Hi, Cathy. Depending on where you live, many bulbs can stay in the ground. A quick internet search of bulb care in your growing zone will give you the exact answer for specific species


I love you guys… As soon as I saw “The Fab Beekman Boys” I was instantly enchanted. Your business will grow to be like no other. No doubt! Thank you for sharing so much of your knowledge with us. One observation under “Cut Above.” … a guest as easy is… OR …a guest as easy as… Sorry!

Connie Hawkins

I just wanted to let you know that after 6 weeks in the greenhouse and much TLC the seedling from your Beekman Landreth Zinnia Collection are ready to be hardened off and set into the garden. I cannot wait to watch the butterflies sit on them in the summer sun.


sue tolbert

Thanks for all the great ideas. Can't wait to get started in the new beds (flower beds!) sue t.