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Much has been made during this season of “The Fabulous Beekman Boys” about Brent’s relationship with his family. Tonight you saw that we can now call them “our” family.

Yes, it took awhile for me to meet some of Brent’s relatives. And that wasn’t really Brent’s choice, nor his family’s choice, nor my choice. It was all of ours and none of ours. If there’s anything I’ve learned about life on a farm, it’s that everything has its own season. And that everything happens pretty much exactly on the schedule it’s supposed to. There’s no rushing God. You can plant seeds as early as you want, but you won’t harvest a thing if He sends a frost.

So the same was true with meeting Brent’s extended family. Some people have written to say we should’ve handled things differently over the course of the last 11 years. Perhaps that’s true. But we didn’t. And because our family is as respectful as we are loving, we chose to take things as they came. I’ve said it before, and I’ll repeat it here: the people who raised Brent to be who he is must have very good instincts. I certainly would never challenge them.

During the phone call you saw on the show tonight, Brent’s grandmother invited us down to share in their traditional Christmas celebration. So last December Brent and I quietly escaped down to North Carolina to spend an early holiday with his family. We all had a great time, a lot of laughs, and too much delicious food.  And we can’t wait to do it again.

Below are a few pictures from the trip we thought you might like to see. Click on the first one to begin the slideshow.


by Josh Kilmer-Purcell

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Thank you for sharing! Everyone looks happy and comfortable! Not easy for most families during holiday time. 🙂


Love your show and photos you've put on this site. Any thought to you and Brent rehabbing his great-grandmother's house and making it a little get-away cottage for when you two visit his family? I think you two could make it fabulous!

Teddy Batey

Love your show and the website. I feel like I know all of you. My cousin and his partner were very close to myself and my husband. We were all close to his partners family. We cried together when we lost them, 10 years ago. Still miss the great times with them and our family get-togethers. Cherish each moment you have together, life changes to quickly. Can't get the times back together.


I am so glad this finally happened, and yes, everything has its season. Like a fruit or vegetable, it should never be picked until its ready. But once it's harvested, it tastes pretty damned good! Had the same problem with my husband's family, but it was because they were attached to his first wife of 15 years. It took them a while to warm up, but after 22 years now, I think they like me! LOL! 🙂

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Phyllis Gordon

Thanks for sharing. I live in North Carolina and am glad that Josh gets to experience this beautiful state with a native. And I really hope y'all find the energy for another season of TFBB. For those of us who probably won't be able to visit Sharon Springs any time soon, we really look forward to experiencing your community vicariously.


You are correct that "everything has a season" and just like fine wine, you cannot rush! Looks like a fabulous trip, wonderful family, beautiful area, reminds me of my growing up in southern Indiana…my grandparents owned a tobacco farm in Kentucky…but stopped growing crops years ago…and…was it called a "cafeteria" or "Smorgasbord?" Blessings to all of you!!!

Sue Yost

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos. I thought maybe it was a calendar and I was going to order it. I live in Oregon and love the scenery shots. A calendar would be GRAND!!!


So happy you all finally met and had a wonderful holiday together.Hope you have many many more.

Catherine S. Pond

Hallelujah! SO happy for all of you. [And delighted to see that your old family homeplace remains–I love that tradition here in Kentucky, too — there is a natural reverence for these places and they are left as they once were, rarely torn down.


Randleman- I live ten minutes away in Greensboro-right down Hwy 220N. Glad to see someone else values old family homeplaces.


Well done families. To all of our different family members and to the seasons that make up our lives may we listen and learn to take away all of those lessons we learn from each other.

From our family and to yours much peace.

Alice and Liz Tillman and our children

Emily, son In-law Ryan, Sophie our granddaughter

Peter and.Alexander our sons.


Thank you so much for sharing these lovely pictures. I'm so happy that you came together with Brent's family this year and look forward to seeing more pictures in the future!! How wonderful that families can put their differences aside and come together to love & support eachother…. that's what families are supposed to do. This is truly a Blessing!!! Love you guys!