In our part of the world, no sound signals autumn more than that of the buzzing, cracking and popping that accompanies the cutting, chopping and splitting of wood. The fireplaces and wood stoves have empty bellies and hungry mouths to feed.

Mike Page started his career as a lumber jack right out of high school, and it wasn’t until 11 years ago, after witnessing a demonstration at a county fair, that Mike picked up a chainsaw, aimed it at an old stump, and turned it into art.

The first time we met, Mike said: “I’m not an artisan. That’s too fancy.”

“Ok,” we said. “Craftsman?”

“That will be fine”

Mike crafted a piece for the “Into the Wild” theme of the Mercantile (click here to see it in the shop)

He recently let us spend the morning with him to watch the creative process, and all that he asked in return was that if you like his work to leave a message on his Facebook page (please click here to let him know that he really IS an artist!)



If you’d like one of these beautiful pieces, visit Mike’s website by clicking here

by Josh and Brent

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