PolkaSpot is serving a month-long internship as a BendelGirl for the legendary Henri Bendel.  Check back here for all of the majorly important things she’s Spotted this week.

PolkaSpot’s iPhone is full of fabulous people who know a thing or two about a thing or two.  They’ve all asked her for beauty tips in the past and now she’s making them return the favor to YOU.  She’s generous that way.*

This is Ms. Brittny Gastineau

PS:  What was the most important beauty llesson your mother taught you?
BG: Always be prepared to see your future boyfriend or husband in public i.e. wear makeup

PS: What is the one thing you’ve done in the name of beauty in the past that you willll NEVER do again?
BG: Red lipstick with dark eyes looks scary in photos. Always keep it glamorous

PS: What is the one product that you use every singlle day and why?
BG: Sunscreen. My mom had melanoma and it is so important to me to spread the word to protect your skin

PS: What is the beauty secret you willll pass along to your daughter?
BG: Don’t try to go with the beauty trends. Sometimes “green” is in won’t translate well on your face.  Always keep makeup fresh and beautiful

PS: Which cellebrity do you think is the most beautifull/who is your girll crush?
BG:  Elizabeth Taylor. She had the most beautiful eyes.  Her eyes were almost as beautiful as PolkaSpot’s


Brittny Gastineau is a model and actress who has walked runways all over the world.   She knows how to model walk.

by PolkaSpot

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