Our Moms taught us to always write “thank you” notes after receiving a gift. We met a lot of people traveling over 25,000 miles through 9 countries before winning The Amazing Race. And every single person who cheered us along, helped with directions, hugged us, gave us water, shared their food, sold us a plane ticket, drove us to the middle-of-nowhere, yelled at their TV set on Sunday nights, traded their plane seat so we could deplane quicker, pointed in the right direction, or just plain got out of our way to let us pass has earned our deepest gratitude.

As longtime fans of the show, we know there are as many different strategies for winning as there are people who watch the show. Before we embarked we reviewed many past seasons to try to find the “secret formula” for winning. We didn’t uncover one. So we fell back on the same three strategies we use in our everyday lives:

1.            Do the best you can at every task in front of you.
2.            Help your neighbor whenever you can.
3.            Don’t give up no matter how bad things look.

We have no idea if this is why we won. But we do know that this was how we raced.

What are we going to do with the winnings? Well, first, we’re going to pay off the mortgage on our farm so that we can live together full-time again after 5 years apart. Next, we’re going to invest in a building on Sharon Springs Main Street that will become the new home of Beekman 1802. And finally we’ll be launching a new line of food products named after a 1929 Heirloom Tomato – “The Mortgage Lifter.” 25% of its profits will help other small American farmers pay off their debts.

Looking back after this exhausting and exhilarating journey, it seems appropriate that it culminated in that very difficult final Amazing Race challenge. “Hello” and “Goodbye” are perhaps the most important words we need to learn as human beings, and we should all try to learn them in as many languages as possible. But along the Race, we also learned nine equally valuable ones:

Xie xie, Terima kasih, Dhanyabad, Sagolun, Spasibo, Dank je, Gracias, Merci & Thank you.

And here’s who we would like to say them to most:

CBS & The Amazing Race Production Team. Thank you for giving us this opportunity. As longtime fans, we knew how beloved this show is in America. But we had no idea how beloved it is around the globe until we raced with you. You’ve had a larger impact on this world over the past 21 seasons than most diplomats. You’ve taught Americans about hidden corners of the world, and you’ve taught hidden corners of the world about Americans.

We’ll always remember something one of the producers said right before the race began. She explained that we’d be racing through some very remote places in this world, and for some of the people we meet along the way, simply having a big TV production include them in their show might be one of the most memorable moments of their lives. She reminded us that while we might be focused simply on making it to Phil as fast as we could, that we were representing America every (hurried) step of the way. We hope that we represented you, and America well. Thank you for giving us that chance.

And because here in Sharon Springs we’ve learned that the best way to thank your neighbor is with baked goods, this past weekend we baked gingerbread men for each of our closest neighbors on the race – our fellow Racers:


1. Rob (CEO Lumberjack & groom) & Shelia (CMO & bride): Perhaps our first “fun” experience on the race was joking with Rob and Shelia about catching the “slow plane to China.” Their shared sense of fun and perspective is exactly why they are so successful in their lives and also why they’re such a perfect couple together. Congratulations on your wedding this past summer, you are a beautitul team. Check out their company.



2. Amy (self-described “Fembot”) and Daniel (Executive Director of Adaptive Action Sports Organization)  There hasn’t been a more inspirational team in the history of The Amazing Race than this couple. After all the life challenges and successes these two have shared, it’s easy to wonder why they would have chosen to take time out of their busy schedules to take on this particular challenge. And the answer is: because every challenge they overcome inspires millions more to attempt their own. And the world becomes a better place. Please check out their organization and donate.



3.Caitlin & Brittany (The Blondes)  It’s always unfair that strong and smart female teams always seem to have their description reduced to “the blondes.” It’s especially unfair in the case of these two. Watching them sprint past the best male athletes on our race struck fear in our hearts on Day One.  Don’t let the snorting fool you…beauty can be deceiving, and these two proved it many times over.



4. Will & Gary (Jack & the Beanstalk) – These two great guys will have a greater impact on the world than all of the other Racers combined. For years, they’ve used the Amazing Race as teachers to help students learn more about the world they live in. And this year, they were able to use their first hand experience to inspire kids to become better and more knowledgeable global citizens. That makes us all winners. Please donate on their behalf to Make-A-Wish Michigan, Wish A Mile to help them continue their good works.



5. Rob & Kelley – (Monster Mohawk, Mega Smile) Rob & Kelley are two of the most accomplished Racing couples on this season. You’d never know it to look at her, but Kelley is a champion rodeo rider, and Rob is a world famous Monster Truck competitor. These two are tough…but, as Rob said: “all heart.” One of the most rewarding things about the race was that we got to spend a lot of time with folks with whom our paths would’ve likely never crossed…and we’re so very fortunate that ours did. We both learned a lot from each other. An incredibly kind couple.



6. Abba & James – (The Rockers) These guys had perhaps the best perspective on the race. And maybe life. Whether way out in front, or stymied by bad luck, James and Abba kept going with great humor and humility.  We learned a lot from how these two accomplished men approach the world, and will always remember their attitude, fortitude, and style.



7. Ryan & Abbie – (Ultra-alpha couple) These two were probably least likely couple that we expected to bond with – especially to the extent that we did.  It’s hard enough to exhibit humility and grace when you’re winning. And near impossible to do so when you’re 14 ½ hours behind everyone else. But Abbie’s silly eye rolls, and big heart kept us going. As did Ryan’s confidence and strategies. People may not understand why we worked together as closely as we did, but we’ll always understand that we only had two choices under our circumstances:

1.            Be ruthless, be miserable, and one of us lose.
2.            Be helpful, have a good time, and one of us lose.

Little did we know that there was a third option…that we’d would both wind up winning just by meeting each other. Please donate to a cause they work closely with.



8. Natalie & Nadia – (Twinnies!) Clearly, we wouldn’t have won without these two lighting our fires.  But who would’ve thought that we had so much to learn from these two young twinnies? They are truly the ultimate sportswomen. Their “trash talk” and “winner-take-all” gamesmanship might have offended some, but it never did us. We knew they were just being competitive and funny. Plus, what didn’t come across on camera is how impressively polite and intuitive they were during non-race moments. They woke up our spirit at just the right moment. That’s what great competitors do.



9. Trey & Lexi – (Team Longhorns) Seriously…step back in time to the moment before you’d taken your first trip overseas. Now imagine that version of you going on “The Amazing Race.” We don’t care how intelligent, athletic, or competitive you are…going on the Race without any travel experience is the ultimate underdog position. And they didn’t just do well…they made the final three! It’s incredible. And bodes well for how insanely successful these two will be at everything they try in their lives. We’re so proud to know them, and proud of all the pair have accomplished in life already, including the business Lexi helps run with her mom.


10 Jaymes & James – (Chips) We know what it’s like to be underestimated. Even with their incredible physicality, J & J knew that many folks would write them off immediately as mere eye candy. But this candy didn’t only look good…it was good for you. For everyone watching, in fact. We don’t know how they did it, but they were in good humor every single moment of the Race. Jaymes and James are models of positivity in the face of competitive and personal adversities. Please donate and pray to help Jaymes father in his fight with cancer.

And finally…thank you. And you. And you and you and you.

You know why.

We heard you cheering all the way around the world.

And we really needed it.

And it worked.

by Josh and Brent

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Roger Edwards & Dwight Burgett

We laughed, we cheered, we held our breath and jumped up and down. We could not have been more proud of the two of you. We have be together 37 years and it wonderful to see how far gays have come in the public eye. Thank you for being you.


So happy for the two of you…… am a huge Beekman fan and rooted for you since day 1 on the Race. Never in the history of the race have two competitors fought with such grace, such courage, such compassion and LOVE. Thanks for showing that to the world, my partner and I are very grateful for your representation to viewers.

Gina Hofstetter

I have watched Amazing Race from the very first season so many years ago. You guys are amazing people and I am so happy that “nice guys can finish first”. Congrats!

Pamela Bishop

After the first hour my husband and i paused the tivo and instead of running to church, we ran upstairs and put our pristine Team Beekman shirts on. (We didn’t want to use up the luck!) We jumped and cheered! It could not have happened to a greater couple.
My husband and I have been to your 1802 store twice from Iowa. Can’t wait to see the new place in future. Your employees treat us as if they knew us for years.
Peace to both and all on your farm!!!Poo


Congratulations guys! I was so happy when you won, I rooted for you through the whole race! You were always so nice and polite throughout the competition, even when things looked bad and when people were being rude to you. You are so sweet and I wish you all the best.

Love from Sweden


Nothing better than the triumph of the “underdog”, especially when it is achieved with the ultimate kindness, under pressure. You guys are a class act. Luv, luv, luv the T-you note. So dear and insightful,,, Has YOU, Josh written all over it! I adore your kind heart!!!


Congratulations on your win. You ran a wonderful race, and we are happy and proud to have supported you in this endeavor.


Amazing! So glad for you both that you won, and with such style! I also live in Sharon Springs and was so proud that someone from our town won such a huge show! What’s next? Couples Survivor? That would be GREAT! C’mon, you know you could ace it!

Liz Thomas

Boy did my husband and I cheer when you won. My husband has dementia, and we are now shut ins. We loved “traveling” with you guys. What amazing fun! No one was more deserving than you tow in our opinion… many more happy years, and events to you both.

Renee R.

Truly, the best people won. Congrats, Guys. I cannot think of two more deserving people to take the prize. You always played w/ integrity, never compromised your morals, and were consistently decent & kind human beings. Bravo! That’s hard to do under such circumstances & you taught the world a lesson. Thanks for being you!


Happy, happy, happy:)))

I adore you gentlemen farmers, am truly blessed to have met and hugged both of you last November at your book signing here in Portland, OR, and am oh-Ho-Ho-Ho so grateful to be introducing my two home schooled children to the world of same sex love with you two and your kind performances on The Amazing Race.

My husband and I recorded the entire race and will now be able to share it with my young son and daughter and gently broach this important/complex topic through this (perfect for us) and wonderful avenue, in the safety and comfort of our little home in the country.

So, it is from this mama’s heart that I send you love and 7 billion “Thank YOU’s!” back:)

With sincere gratitude for the goodness of you and prayers answered,

Shellie Croft
Willamette Valley Oregon


this post exemplifies everything that you represented on the show: humility, honesty, gratitude, and a great sense of humor. congratulations on the big win!






Brent and Josh, I have watched every season of The Amazing Race and every episode of The Fabulous Beekman Boys. My husband introduced me to both programs and viewing both programs together has become a tradition.

I can’t tell you how thrilled we were when you burst through the door of Gotham Hall and finished the race first. We never routed for a team as much as we did for you in any of the previous 20 seasons or were affected so emotionally by a finish. I was crying and Tom was clapping and whopping!

You ran the race the same way you live your lives, with class, grace and dignity, the very qualities that have endeared you to the viewers of The Fabulous Beekman Boys, and now many more millions of Americans.

Well done.

Jeff WIlson

proof that nice guys don’t always finish last….
still waiting for the Beekman Wedding!!!
Congrats, Josh & Brent!
Jeff Wilson & Luis Martinez (together 10 years)
Buffalo NY

Hillary Sachs

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! This is the first time I have watched this series, The great Race, and only did so because you were on it. I am over joyed that you both won and are able to finally be full time Sharon Springs residents. I get your feelings about the ‘underdog’ thing but I am elated to see good things happening to good people. I will continue to watch, read and order from you, where ever you may be found. Continued success in all your endeavors.
Hillary, a true fan now and always.

Mary Getzelman

I’m squealing with delight and can hardly contain myself at your winning the race!!! Saw your struggles through various race episodes. BIG, BIG CONGRATS…….

Cathy Runkle

Oprah says to keep a Grateful Journal each day. I had a fantastic day yesterday and you two were part of the highlights in my journal! Tears of Joy when you won! I am so Happy for you and for the Village of Sharon Springs! Your “7 Billion Thank You” really does feel like a Love letter to all of us! And I know you are feeling the outpouring of love from all of us today too! You ran the race beautifully! As The Dalai Lama says…. “Do Not Let the Behavior of Others Destroy Your Inner Peace” You exemplified this for all of us! Thanks for your Shining example! Congratulations & Cheers!


Congratulations guys…your win just reiterates the the lesson we should all be living every day which is never, ever, ever give up on yourself…no matter what “roadblock” (hee!) is in front of you, what people may be saying or think about you, or how many attempts you have to make to complete something, keep going….you never know what’s around the next corner…another challenge, or a million dollars! Cheers!

carlos pesantes

What Can I say? Except Thank You for being a model of humility, integrity and love.
My wife and I both cheered and shed a tear of joy as we saw you running in to win the Amazing Race. My wife and I have been your fans for some years now and when we saw you go on the Amazing race we never missed an episode and we cheered so hard for you, sending you all the positive energy we could. We are extremely happy you won and can now buy the farm outright, without debt…and together. Plus from reading on I see you are paying it forward…you two are amazing.

The Kiss you shared, the intimacy in the middle of the joy, all the people and the cameras, my god in prime time…what a beautiful thing you shared with america and the world.

God bless you both and polka dot ofcourse (we are cousins, the llama and I as I am peruvian)


All our Love

Renee Rivera and Carlos Pesantes


my daughter and i had the opportunity of meeting you at the columbus country living fair and have been huge fans of your shows. congrats to you on a race well-run. you didn’t compromise your values as you ran the race and that really says something about your character. merry christmas and a wonderful 2013!


Although I would have been happy to see any of the final three win, the fact you didn’t give up after the pizza snafu was inspiring. I appreciated how you treated everyone with respect at all times. Hopefully, your win will help Middle America see that gay people are PEOPLE, first and foremost. I think you’ve done more to advance that view than anyone in the last ten years.

Linda Olmstead

As so many others, I also jumped right up off my couch when you two hit that Finish mat, yelling like a banshee. (Startled my two dogs AND made the special needs chicken convalescing in the house start crowing!!! He’s a white crested black Polish, a silly picked-on chicken staying inside for the wet Winter, away from “cruel” backyard flock.) dunno why I had to mention Jack Polish – other than I suspect you would understand “favorites” on a farm 😉

I am so freaking thrilled The Beekman Boys won Amazing Race!! Cock-a-doodle DOO!

Pat Tahan

Congratulations.. I have been rooting for you since Day 1!! You two won because of your generosity and humility!!.. Good guys do win the prize!.. I noticed that those that plotted and were mean lost..

So enjoy your time together.. after 5 long years apart.. this is a wonderful fairy tail ending to a new beginning.. Hugs guys.. you deserve it!!

John Palmer

OMG! Congratulations guys! So proud of you and how you conducted yourselves as upstanding (gay) and outstanding American gentlemen throughout the race. You do us all credit. I would like to think that when I met you at the book signing in Las Vegas your broad smiles reflected maybe a little something secret, but they truly just represent the everyday positiveness that you both exemplify. Wishing you both continued success.
p,s, those cookies are a hoot!

Linda womeldorff

I was just thrilled when you two won The Amazing Race. Have rooted for you from the beginning!! And cried tears of joy!! Have been such a fan of you guys!! You truly are wonderful, enjoy life you two…a fan for life!! <3


I have never had the pleasure to meet either of you, but, having read your books and magazine articles, followed the progress of your efforts at Beekman 1802, and enjoyed your intelligence and wit, I felt as though I was watching friends claiming the AMAZING RACE prize. For me, this made the race truly amazing. Thank you for offering our struggling nation with a positive, unscripted look at the nature of a truly beautiful relationship between two men. Your races–and not just those that are televised–are a source of inspiration.


I’m so very THRILLED for you guys! I’ve been fans since I read Bucolic Plague a couple years ago. 🙂




Congratulations. You earned your win. As a fan of both shows I watch as often as I can. Now you can both be on that wonderful farm together all of the time.

Kerry Kassingee

This “Thank You” is a prime example of the type men that you are. Eveyone should strive to be as generous, loving, loyal, honest, respectful, and giving as a “Fabulous Beekman Boy”.

Sue Littlepage

You guys rock! Throughout, you raced with the highest integrity, intelligence, generosity, and humor. Every week was a knuckle-biter with the best results. You truly deserve the victory. We blew the roof off with cheers and screams when we saw you come through the Gotham Hall door.

We met you at the Harvest Festival, so we know how genuine and sweet you both are. Congratulations on the race and best wishes for a long and prosperous business and personal relationship! Hope to see a new season of shows soon. Love to Farmer John.

Vicky Roberts

Congratulations! I am so very glad for you both! Give each other a hug for me, and have a very Merry Christmas and extremely Happy New Year!


I was also hoping to see a gingerman Phil with one raised icing eyebrow & spiky icing hair.
Many congratulations to the two of you! I’m so happy you were the winners!


What a great website! It is so emblematic of your warmth and integrity throughout the race. Your underdog success story was so uplifting. I can’t wait to see how you grow your winnings and success, and continue spreading your optimism and genorosity. Best wishes!

Monica H

Wow! What a wonderful tribute to your fellow racers and fans. Thank you for what you do for us. Having met you both, although quite briefly, it was nice to see that you ran the race with those same qualities I experienced when I met you- kindness, grace, humor and integrity. God bless you, boys!


So very happy and proud that you made it to the end. Like the tortoise and the hare we learned slow and steady wins the reace. Now how about applying to “Survivor”!


You wouldn’t want them on “survivor”. That show is all about being mean, conniving and manipulative, everything the ‘boys’ are not.

They ran a great race. Never lost their sense of humor, their patience, their humility. Always tried, never gave up. And they represented America at its best; so many times I wanted to scream, “just get going already” but they always took a moment interact with the locals and always said thank you. They deserved the win!


As I watched you both with my mom through this season of Amazing Race, I kept telling her you guys prove what good karma will bring. Seeing you all win made me so happy and shows that when you put goodness and kindness out in the world, it will come back to you in many ways! Congratulations!

Todd V. Carangelo

Congratulations, guys! I don’t have a tv, so it was a nice surprise to read about your win in today’s newspaper.

I met Brent about a month ago at the Beekman 1802 store during my first visit to Sharon Springs. That prompted me to read Josh’s memoir, The Bucolic Plague, which has inspired me to lead a country life. I hope to make that happen one day.

Happy holidays to you both. May 2013 be the best ever for the Beekman Boys!