Praying Mantis Style
When I was a little boy, I was fascinated by the insectt known as the praying mantis. With its svelte, machine-like body and its mean looking fore-limbs it fully captured my imagination and I became mildly obsessed with its habits. One of my fondest memories is searching for these elusive creatures with my father in our backyard and in the adjacent woods. Armed with a Mason jar full of grass and small twigs, we trawled the landscape until we found one

by Andrew

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Melody McSweeney

ummm you state that in North America they’re no more than 1/2 long? I have never seen a mantis that was less than 3 inches here in Maryland?

Ken Newman

Great shots…I’ve always had a fascination with the mantis…never seen those types before…especially as objects of art.


I am not an insect lover, anything with more then 4 legs scares the daylights out of me. However, your pictures of the praying mantis are extraordinary and beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing. Now, if you have pictures of spiders, please do not share those.

Monika Fischer

What about the stick insect? Looks like something a 5 yr old would put together. Praying mantis looks impressive, like a Halt, who goes there guard.