Reality Check
One of the main functions of this weekly column has been to encourage people to look closer at the world around them, to hopefully inspire a deeper appreciation of the seasons, the elements or the objects we may generally think of as ordinary. The extraordinary can be found in just about anything if we train our eye to detect it and develop a sense of curiosity. More often than not beauty is right under our noses – even on the most grim of days – and once it is perceived, that beauty can lead to a a new kind of understanding. When I first saw these hyper-realistic pencil drawings I was astounded. They are so photographic in nature that I literally had to look closer to convince myself that they are, in truth, the creations of incredibly talented draftsmen. Sometimes what we perceive is not what we imagine it to be.



The Artists:
1. Franco Clun
2. Diego Faizo
3. Brian Boulton
4. Paul Cadden
5. Robert Longo

by Andrew

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Cheri Petersen Fickett

I had 78 acres just behind the Beekman farm. It is so beautiful up there in Sharon Springs, NY. Peaceful