Things Come Apart

There is a certain kind of person – a curious sort – who looks at things and wonders, “How did they make that?” Photographer Todd McLellan must be this type. A commercial photographer living and working in Toronto, Todd’s latest series explores the details of the everyday world around us by deconstructing objects to their basic components. It is called Things Come Apart and the composition of each photograph in the series consists of what could be called ‘assembled disassembly’ – my term, not Todd’s. Snowblowers, watches, calculators, computers and pianos are all broken up into their basic parts, which are then artfully arranged to form a beautifully-designed tableau for his photography. You can learn more at Todd’s website, where you can purchase some of his prints in various dimensions. You can also buy his book, Things Come Apart, here. As for the five images below, look closely to see if you can determine what each object was before it was disassembled.



by Andrew

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Sonja Norman

what a unique way of displaying everyday objects. Love the piano.