Building a Mystery
Korean artist JeeYoung Lee makes her dreams come true: literally. The 30 year-old sculptor, painter and photographer converts her 3-meter by 6-meter studio in Seoul into tangible manifestations of her dreams, memories and emotions and then photographs them for exhibit. What makes her work so impressive, aside from its stunning visual impact, is that Photoshop is not used to enhanced the photography at all. Everything you see in the photographs was handmade by Lee (who always uses herself as the central character in her narratives) and was constructed to reflect a specific feeling. In the first image, for instance, each blade of grass was individually made of craft wire and then secured to a mesh base. It took Lee three months to complete this tableau, which is a depiction of a memory of her grandmother’s farm and the fireflies that would come alive at night. Lee is represented by the Opiom Gallery in France and below are five of her surrealistic settings. Each one has a story to tell. Click here to read more about JeeYoung and see more examples of her work.






1. Treasure Hunt

2. Sweet Appetite

3. Last Supper

4. Nightscape

5. The Little Match Girl



by Andrew

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Bruce W. Medanich

Absolutely love these….! On yet one more….chilly sometime …….snowy….C N Y day….sigh..