Bovine by Design: Fashion’s Sacred Cows

Fashion photographer Toni Meneguzzo usually trains his lens on leggy models draped in the world’s finest couture. It was while he was on assignment in India that he became inspired by the beautiful decoration that adorned the local sacred cows. In many Indian religions, such as Hinduism and Jainism, cows are revered as gifts from the gods because of their many benefits to mankind. In some regions in India, slaughtering a cow is considered sacrilege and eating its meat is taboo.

Contrary to some popular beliefs, cows are not worshipped by the Hindus but are considered to be ‘untouchable’ because of their status as gift-givers; dairy and fertilizer (used for fuel and agriculture) are chief among those gifts. Several times a year in India cows are beautifully decorated and paraded down city streets in celebrations and festivals designed to show appreciation to the gods for these important animals.

When Toni Meneguzzo photographed the cows below he could not help but be captivated by the animals’ slender legs, wide eyes and elegant posture. “I’m still looking for a good composition,” he told The Guardian. “Four legs on show, a good profile, perhaps one hoof slightly forward, the head turned. Cows, like fashion models, have such serene elegance.” (Don’t tell Polka Spot.) Below are five of his beatiful sacred cows. To see more of Toni’s work, visit his website here.


by Andrew

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Lorraine Mcintyre

” one hoof slightly forward, the head turned ” These girls are all stunning, but IMO, number 1 is number 1 for a reason. Lovingly dressed in gorgeous body and eye make-up, an OHM symbol and flower tiara, she gazes out with a serene countenance, knowing that her servants adore her.
No.4 is runner-up.

Beverly Nan Murphy

I would wager there are some gender interlopers in this “cow” lossal beauty pageant.
“World is so full of a number of things, I m sure we should all be happy as kings.”

Ken Newman

#5 is just “so” sophisticated ( a virtual bovine Audrey Hepburn ). Not only polka spotted, plus such divine understated color harmony and hoof couture. And look at that little minx flash her udder while working the camera for all she’s worth. A star is born.