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The House of Dali

Many of us have experienced what it is like to live in small spaces: the box-like college dorm room, the overcrowded bachelor pad. For South-Korean-born sculptor Lila Jang, finding pretty furniture that fit her tiny Paris apartment while she was studying at art school proved to be almost futile. The struggle inspired a collection of surrealistic sculptural furniture pieces that she created, which look as though they have been taken straight from the living room of Salvador Dali. Squished and leaning sofas and chairs, bloated ottomans and floating lamps (all based on classic French designs) appear to be vaguely anthropomorphic with quirky personalities of their own. Jang says the series emerged from the midpoint of human desire: balancing the reality with the ideal. Below are five of her pieces that have been shown in exhibits around Europe. You can read more about Lila Jang here.




See if the furniture designs at Beekman 1802 compare.  Click here

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Bruce W. Medanich

Yes, beautiful..! one thing though….I am getting tired of the color (non)…..White..