Taping Face

I was about 14 when I first discovered that Scotch tape could be used as a form of plastic “surgery”: an upturned nose, impossibly peaked eyebrows, squished-up lips and a couple of wonky eyelids could be had for the price of a few strips of tape. The laughter that ensued was just as cheap, mind you, but my family couldn’t help it. I aimed to look ridiculous and succeeded marvelously.

We’ve likely all tried this at least once in our lives. (If you haven’t, now is your chance!) Photographer Wes Naman has elevated the experience to new heights of artistry with a series of 33 portraits. I know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but I figured since many of us are experiencing a case of the winter blues, why not muster up a few silly giggles. Below are five “beautiful” Scotch tape portraits. Click here to see Wes Naman’s complete series, as well as his other work.

To see more of Wes’ work, click here




by Andrew

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