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I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of elevating the every day object to new levels of interest. Part of the goal of this column, in fact, is to enable others to see the beauty that exists around them, or to encourage curiousity to seek it out. For photographer Sam Kaplan, a commercial still-life photographer, making the every day object extraordinary is his raison d’etre – not to mention his full-time job. Kaplan has made an art out of visually presenting food and ordinary materials that we encounter in our lives in ways that are highly stylized and modern. From chewing gum to Pringles potato chips, Kaplan composes his photographs using minimalistic, repetitious layouts that strip the object to its very essence. Kaplan has photographed for just about every popular magazine in the United States but here are five examples of his work. Click here to visit his website and learn more about his work.





by Andrew

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Very cool. I particularly like the egg photo, which I think wouldn’t be as good without the broken one.