Time’s Meddling Fingers

Last May, my friend Jessica and I traveled to Sharon Springs together for a magazine assignment. It was my third visit and Jessica’s first. She immediately loved the atmosphere of the town with its mix of vibrant new businesses and the crooked and gnarled architectural relics of its former hayday as a spa-resort town. One morning, Jessie went out to explore the streets without me, taking only her camera with her. An adventurous soul, it wasn’t long before she found herself inside some of the abandoned bath houses in the town, snapping shots of the decaying bellies of these once proud and bustling places. I love these photos and find them to be very beautiful, despite the ruinous nature of the subject matter. I love the colours, the textures and especially the patterns of time, which are so harshly apparent. If you have not yet seen Sharon Springs for yourself, please do consider making the trip. To see more of Jessie’s photography, click here.




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  • By: Carol Sue Hodge Piros

    I worked at the Park View Hotel for four years summers while in high school in the late 60’s early 70’s and Sharon Springs was hopping with regular guests. My sister worked at The Adler. Music on the steps, artwork for sale on weekends on the sidewalks. People strolling arm in arm speaking in different languages. These pictures brought back a lot of good memories and fun times. I am so glad to see the town being revitalized.

  • By: historichomesla

    Instant homesickness. I grew up in Roseboom–not far way. I am now an archirectural historian and also have the opportunity to photograph many homes aging naturally–imagine, in Los Angeles. Nature has had her way with many of them before they are restored. Photographying them is a divine treat.

    • By: Carol Sue Hodge Piros

      I grew up in Ames, 3 miles away from Sharon Springs and currently also live in sunny CA, Ventura county! Sure do get homesick every Fall though.

  • By: Vivian

    Josh and Brent: Don’t even think about it! Yes, it would be cool to refurbish but I think you might have learned your lesson. Or not. 🙂

  • By: Virginia

    These photos are hauntingly beautiful but sad for those of us who lived in that area and experienced Sharon Springs hay day. They bring back memories of my childhood in the 50’s and 60’s when many local teenagers were employed at the Imperial Bath House for the summer. Thanks for sharing the photos.

  • By: Lynn

    that is incredibly creepy and the most awesome thing ever.

  • By: Holly J.

    The shot of the hallway is stunning !!! Beautiful work …

  • By: Judy

    They are stunning, what a shame all those materials aren’t being salvaged.

  • By: Liz Hydes

    Wonderful to get this inside peek into those abandoned spaces!

  • By: Shari

    I absolutely LOVE these photos and the history behind them. Would love to have seen this building in it’s prime…..beautiful!

  • By: Teri Smith

    We peeked inside whatever windows we could at the Imperial Bath House all 3 times we visited Sharon Springs, trying to imagine what it must have been like in it’s heyday. What a beautiful place….

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