Anthropologie’s Holiday Windows

When you think of Anthropologie stores, one of the first images that likely comes to mind is their imaginative window displays. Every season, the visual team at Anthropologie’s home office in Philadelphia challenges itself to come up with an exciting new front-of-store concept that will leave store patrons feeling gobsmacked and delighted. The designs have won countless awards and Anthropologie has become a leader in window display concept and construction.

Since 2009, Brent and Josh have had an ongoing relationship with Anthropologie; the Beekman 1802 soaps, books and candles have all been sold at the company’s hundreds of locations around the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom. This year, they are bringing an exclusive line of holiday treats to the stores in the U.S., including a trio of cake mixes, a trio of hot-cocoa mixes and a trio of holiday coffee blends. (Good things come in threes!) Click here to view them.

Because of Brent and Josh’s association with Anthropologie, and because it’s where I also happen to work (at the company’s Canadian flagship store in Toronto) I had to share this year’s amazing holiday window display concepts with you. Based on Russian architecture and the romantic, wintry feelings it inspires, the holiday displays this year are highly geometric in deep, rich jewel tones, conjuring up images of a snowy night in Red Square. No two stores will have the exact same design, which gives the visual team at each store the ability to interpret the concept and execute it based on the layout and window structure at their respective stores.

Be sure to pop by an Anthropologie store to see these great designs for yourself – and then come inside to experience more holiday magic!




by Andrew

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