Just Add Monsters

Thrift stores and flea markets ususally carry an abundance of old, indistinct landscape paintings – remnants from hotel-room walls and boarded-up freeway diners. They are frequently passed over and forgotten but at least one artist has found something creative to do with them. Thyrza Segal, a painter herself, adds her own imaginary creatures to the scenes, livening up the otherwise drab canvases with startling monsters cavorting happily amid the painterly settings. The effect is startling and quite funny! Since Halloween is this week, I had to share these monster mash-ups with you. I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!


by Andrew

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Thyrza Segal

I know this is pretty late notice but….I’m selling the original paintings…well SEMI-original. However, the auction ends tomorrow – Dec. 5,2013. I had planned on telling the entire internet but then I got busy…you know how it goes ; ) Here is the link if anyone wants to put a bid in :

I’ll still have prints on etsy and I’m also giving away free high res. files of the cowboy painting to anyone who emails me for it.

Thyrza Segal

Thanks so much for noticing my work! You must have been subconsciously drawn to it because I grew up on a goat farm….no? I love your site and am going to go watch all your shows now and brag to all of my friends about your post! That’s right. I DON’T have any shame…I grew up on a goat farm – what did you expect?

Erin C.

OMG that is so freaking cool! I Googled her and ended up buying one of her pictures on Etsy. Thanks for sharing this!!