This new feature is designed to inspire you to look at the world around you, to take note of the season at hand and to capture it – in memory or on film – for posterity. I will be choosing five photos each week for with this aim in mind. We’re calling the feature, The Five Most Beautiful Things In The World This Week



At Pinterest, I have a photo gallery devoted exclusively to the cuteness of goats. I have always loved these strange, adorable animals and everything they represent, particularly their persistence and stubbornness. My astrological sign is Capricorn – the sign of the goat – and perhaps that plays some  influence on my affection for these creatures. The story of the slow but steady goat, climbing the mountainside to reach greener pastures beyond is a story I’ve been thinking a lot about lately as I make my own small but sure steps in a new direction. It is a harrowing movie I play in my mind, like a National Geographic short: a lone goat, fighting the wind and the treacherous incline, climbing, climbing, climbing under a stormy sky with little rays of light shining mercifully on the path.

Goats don’t like guidance or assistance and have a hard time accepting the demands of the shepherd. This is true of me, as it is many of us, and I find comfort in the knowledge that we have kindred spirits in the animal world, that we come by our shrewd independence honestly.

The first time I saw the Beekman goats, it was a cold, snowy November day. Josh had invited my mother and I to the farm to sample the new Blaak cheese with homemade crackers and a fresh batch of homemade, sparkling apple cider. (Below is a photo of my mother with one of the kids on a  subsequent spring visit to the farm.) It is still one of my greatest memories hearing the cacophony of calls from the herd as Josh led us into the barn.

They leaped and jumped and bounced, all vying for our affection. Josh knew most of them by name and kissed a few of them on the nose. After a tour, we went inside and sat by the fire with the snow falling outside and sampled the cheese the goats who lived just steps away had helped produce.

It was all so wonderful.

In some ways my Goat board at Pinterest is a tribute to the Beekman goats, and to all of us ‘people goats’ who identify with the personalities and characteristics of these remarkable animals.





1. Capra Aegagrus Hircus, photo by Ito Kicho

2. My mum with one of the Beekman kids, photo by Sharron Hodgson

3. Painting by Carnine Jannin

4. An Irish goat, photographer unknown

5. photographer unknown


Andrew Ritchie is the creator of Martha Moments, a blog devoted Martha-Stewart related content and her community of supporters. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and has been a longtime friend of Brent & Josh, Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs. Each week he’ll scour the world (wide web) to find the 5 most beautiful things to inspire you. Follow Andrew on Pinterest.

by Andrew

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The photo number 5 is actually a ram (sheep). Probably a Shetland or some small breed more favored for their wool production.

sue tolbert

I too am amazed each day that I walk into the Genesee County Humane Society to do my volunteering. Each dog, puppy, cat and kitten are waiting to greet me. I find it difficult in picking who to talk to first. Who gets the first hug, the first kiss and goes out for a fresh air walk! I see the look in their eyes when not the first "lucky one" but within 6-7 hours they all feel pretty lucky. Little do they know that I'm the real lucky one because they shared their time with me. sue t.