Gaynor and Ostinelli

Gaynor Ostinelli and Paul Priest have achieved something quite unique in the realm of the ceramic arts: a collaborative partnership resulting in whimsical, large-scale sculptures that depict the animal and human worlds through expressive shape and movement that is almost sketch-like in its spontaneity. The UK artists work independently as successful potters but when they mix minds (and media) the resulting artwork is striking. A melange of homemade glazes is poured over folded and twisted sheets of clay that have formed the shape of a dancing horse, a wayward hare on the back of a dog or a disinterested cow. Below are five beautiful examples of their work. Click here to see more from their collection.



by Andrew

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Linda Peterson

Amazing and so fluid. I looked at the rest of the collection and find all of it to be fascinating.

Beverly Nan Murphy

Mythical! I want one. NO, I want more than one. The hare seems to have confiscated Lady Ga Ga’s meat dress and the miffed horse’s attitude, carrying the two riders needs no words. They two are brilliant and talented and I want more. Thanks for sharing.