Heirloom Desserts

My copy of the Beekman 1802 Heirloom Cookbook is living up to its name. The ‘heirloom’ function of the book, which is designed to be interactive, makes it extremely special among cookbooks. Amidst the pages are envelopes for readers to keep and collect their own cherished recipes and my copy is now stuffed with several of my mother’s handwritten family recipes for some of her most treasured (and delicious) heirloom dishes: my great grandmother’s plum pudding, my grandmother’s Christmas cake, my aunt’s cherry squares and my uncle’s tabouleh, plus many more of my own favorites gathered over the years from friends.

That so many of the recipes I’ve held on to and love are recipes for desserts is no coincidence. Desserts, for me, have the biggest impact on my childhood food memories: chocolate icing on my birthday cakes, the warm apple filling in my grandmother’s pie at Thanksgiving, and all that Christmas baking!

This is why I’m so excited about the new Beekman 1802 Heirloom Dessert Cookbook that comes out next week with some of Brent and Josh’s favourite dessert recipes, compiled with the help of food editor Sandy Gluck. As ever, the emphasis is on seasonal bounty and the book is divided accordingly into chapters by season. The photographs, by Paulette Tavormina, look as decadent as the desserts themselves: moody, rich and enticing. Below are five of Paulette’s beautiful photos from the book.

In order: peach cobbler biscuits, banana pudding with vanilla wafers, one-bowl chocolate almond cake, baked Manhattan ice-cream cake (can you imagine?!) and plum upside-down cake. Dig in!




by Andrew

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The photos are so beautiful and alive. Love the smallest details… perfect chocolate crumbs… deeply colored plums… mismatched spoons for an added layer of texture. The shapes, colors, and contrasts. Painting without paint. Outstanding. Makes me want to become a food or prop stylist when I grow up.


‘Manhattan’ as in cocktail? or ‘Manhattan’ vs. ‘Alaska’ ?
They all look amazing? Does you favorite change daily?

Catherine Kurczynski

Fabulous photos, of course they’d be fabulous-we’re talking the Beekman Boys’ new heirloom dessert cookbook. I think I should get one for my birthday so I can create fabulous desserts for the holiday/entertaining season. Thanks, Andrew!

Ken Newman

You can tell Fall is in the air…all these food posts. As a confirmed chocoholic I must have the one-bowl chocolate almond cake…NOW! The siren call of Paulette’s amazing photos cannot be denied. I go now to bake.