Textile Artist Mr. Finch

Lots of tea and blissful solitude are the keys to success for British textile artist Mister Finch. (He’s a bit cagey about revealing his first name.) Based in Leeds, the young designer spends his days in his bright studio sketching and crafting and collecting and sewing to bring his imaginative creations to life. Sometimes they are giant mushrooms, or enormous moths, or maybe a masked hare with fully embroidered ear protectors. Whatever flight of fancy intrigues Mr. Finch is what emerges from his studio, Several UK stockists have caught on to his beautiful work, selling his pieces to customers with a curatorial eye.

“I get very obsessed with creating certain animals and insects and often make many and then don’t return to them for sometimes weeks,” he says. “I recognize this behaviour now and whilst I’m in a particular zone I try to be as productive as possible.”

Click here to see more of his whimsical work.




by Andrew

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Sonja Norman

for a moment I was under the impression that used to be a real bird stuffed and pinned against the wall. Very realistic.


wow. I dont think I have been blown away by textiles like this EVER. How unique and thought-provoking. How wonderful these pieces would look in a home as art….what talent!