A Stitch In Time

Before I knew about Miyuki Sakai, a Japanese textile artist living in San Francisco, I had never heard of drawing with stitchery. I had seen many examples of beautiful embroidery but none quite as organic and free-form as Miyuki’s. Her inspirations are found in the everyday: a beautiful pie at a local bakery, a stack of pancakes at a café, milk bottles, a flower arrangement or a baskets of berries.

Born in Osaka, Japan, Miyuki spent hours watching and learning from her mother, who made all of her children’s clothing by hand. During her down time, Miyuki learned to use the sewing machine herself and created her own unique work. After graduating from the Kyoto Art College and living in Tokyo for several years, Sakai now enjoys a home and career in the United States and has won several awards for her embroidery work, including the bronze Art Directors Club Award for her work with Martha Stewart Living.

Below are five examples of her work. I marvel at how the stitching looks so much like pencil lines. Visit her website, here. Beautiful, indeed!





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