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You may have heard that two residents of Sharon Springs will be tying the knot this Friday! Since I won’t be able to attend their wedding, I want to use this week’s edition of the column to wish Brent and Josh the most heartfelt congratulations. These guys have been inspirational to me right from the start. It wasn’t long after they acquired the Beekman that I began to document their journey from city to country on my blog. With each post and each new venture they undertook I was more impressed by their vision and determination and, especially, their humility and kindness. We became friends and they have been helpful to me in ways that I cannot adequately express. Their honesty with each other and their commitment to making it work – to building a life together – is what really resonates so strongly about their love. I am so thrilled that they are marrying in the place they most love on earth, surrounded by the beauty of the land and the love and support of so many. I will be thinking of them on Friday, and I know many of you will be too.

Below are five beautiful wedding cakes to feast your eyes on – from the simple to the more elaborate – as we wish Brent and Josh our best for their special day. (I quite like the idea of using multiple smaller cakes or cupcakes to broaden the spectrum of flavors.)



Which cake would you choose?

by Andrew

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Dear Josh & Brent, What a wonderful day it must’ve been for you, your families, and guests! The pictures are wonderful and everyone was smiling, even when they weren’t aware of the camera! To declare your commitment to each other in the wide open space of your farm must’ve been intoxicating!! Many wonderful years together !!!

Sharon Davis

absolutely beautiful wedding pictures. looks like you two had a great time being yourselves…that’s important to be best friends. Congrats! you both deserve to enjoy the very best life has to offer. fun to see the “girls” there too.
Cape Coral, FL (formally from New Jersey)

Alvin Powell

Couples are supposed to share love every day but whether we agree or not, there’s something about 14th February that tells us that love is in the air and everybody wants to share the day with their beloved. Some people spend the day exchanging gifts, others prefer to visit the less privileged and others just want to hang out or go to the beach. These are little things that do not cost so much but mean so much to lovers.

Shelley Metzger

They are all perfect! Different styles for each personal taste. I personally like Wabi Sabi,

Courtney Hanson

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They are all so beautiful in their own way, but I would say number 5 was my favorite.

Centralia heart

I love the first one, and the cupcakes and also the one that looks like coconut with the flowers on top. I think I would use all three if I was getting married. Centralia


First one: marriage of opposites; dark & light, smooth & fluffy, formal & fun


Congratulations and best wishes to you both! Y’all have been such an inspiration to all of us…we will definitely be celebrating here in Texas with you tomorrow…cheers to a beautiful future together!

Nancy Tokar

They are all wonderful:) #1 for simple beauty or #5 for elegant beauty:) Congrats!!


I love the #4 cakes because they are so simple and beautiful. Much love to Brent and Josh. I will be celebrating tomorrow from afar 🙂

Fran Bogert Guilmette

I really like the cupcake tier…more of a variety!!
With a cake on top of the tier like the one with the flower..

Teresa Jones

They’re all so beautiful any one Brent and Josh love would be wonderful. I did have the three tiered cupcakes they were many flavored cheescake kinds with varying flavors of iceing…so delish. Wishing them both the best.

Celeste L.

My preference would be the first cake (single flower on top, not the one with the 5), but I would not be surprised if you picked number four for its variety and inclusion of natural elements. Enjoy your wedding!


The first or last one, cant decide!! SO GORGEOUS! Congrats again, guys!!! So happy for you!


I love the last one…simple, yet very elegant !! So excited for Brent and Josh !!!!

Cathy Gallagher

Congratulations Brent and Josh (and onder)! Wishing you all that you seek!

Cheryl Koflan

Well said Andrew- your words are spot on… #5 is lovely. Congratulations Josh & Brent!

Ami H

I like the first one – beautiful – however that top that has the number 5 is lovely! Best!!


Best wishes to Josh and Brent. Hope you guys get picked up for new seasons of the Beekman Boys.

Dorothy Hayes

I like the second cake because it is simple and look delicious. Thank you for giving us the opportunity of sharing the Beekman Life. Dreams do come true.

linda jenkins

I like the first one with the 5 on it. it is like yall. its beautiful,its simple, its nostalgic, the kind they used to make for weddinds years ago. in my opinion it suits the two of you.all the best on tomorrow to the both of you. we love yall linda

Diane Svatek

Best wishes for your future together. May you enjoy health and happiness in the years to come as you continue to build a life together, sustaining each other as well as the business you’re growing and the community of which you are an important part.
All the cakes are lovely….I’d go with the the fourth.

Linda Peterson

The best of everything to you, My heartfelt gratitude for letting me have a peek into your fabulous life.


Once upon a time….. happily ever after….I’m toasting you with lemonade..
I would choose the small cakes, with many lovely flavors to devour!
Best wishes… Sharon Springs is most blessed to have you folks.

Debbie Hulles

Happiness and forever joy….These two wonderful charaters have brought such joy into our lives…Be blessed and continous success in all they do!!!
Much Love…from Toledo, Ohio


Congratulaions to Josh and Brent. I have been a fan since the show first aired! I hope you have a truly wonderful, memorable day! I’m looking forward to lots of pictures on FB and your site! And the fourth from the top is my favorite!


I can’t believe your magical day is finally here. I have read both of Josh’s books, followed your daily trials and tribulations on “The Beekman Boys’, watched you beat all odds on ‘The Amazing Race’ and almost, almost had an invitation to your wedding. So tomorrow, your new life together begins as a married couple and we want to wish you a beautiful, memorable day that will be shared with family and friends. Congratulations.

All of the cakes were beautiful but the last two were my favorites and the bottom cake would have to be my final choice. Kudos to the designer.

margaret thall

I would choose the last one its so beautiful!I also will not be at the wedding (so sorry I missed the e mail with invite till all tickets were gone) BUT- we did meet josh & brent at the harvest fest ! what an amazing pair they are !!Love them & wish them all the happiness life has to offer!

Amy Wolffe

They are all amazing cakes. I would choose the half chocolate half vanilla one
I wish I was able to attend. Cheers to my 2 friends:)

Ken Newman

I’d go for the fourth from the top, because of my proximity to the Amish in Pennsylvania, I have a weakness / addiction to whoopie pies and that beautiful four layer is pushing all my buttons. This is quite an appropriate blog entry Andrew. I also won’t be at the wedding, ( sigh ). But one thing I’ve learned over the years is a Sharon Springs wedding will always produce a bumper crop of delectable cakes and goodies.