Man’s Best Friend

When I visited Brent and Josh at their home several weeks ago I had the distinct pleasure of meeting the new addition to their family: the wonderful (önderful?) Önder! She was wide-eyed and brimming with that puppy love that turns every dog lover into a gibberish-speaking, coochie-cooing fool who speaks twelve octaves higher than usual when in the presence of such a gorgeous, innocent being.

I grew up with dogs and every one I meet always seems to sense a kindred spirit in me. I have wondered before whether they can sense the spirits of all the dogs I have loved before. I want to adopt a dog very much but our cramped quarters do not lend themselves to the enjoyment of a dog, so we must wait until we are able to be better “canine parents.” Even without the presence of a four-legged friend in my life, I recognize the joy a dog can bring to a home and I know Önder will make splendid use of her new stomping grounds in Sharon Springs.

Do you have a favourite dog or a dog story to share? Please leave a comment, below, and enjoy these five beautiful shots of man’s best friend. (That’s me spoiling Önder in the Beekman kitchen in the last photo.)






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  • By: Maya

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  • By: Susan Elwood

    The photos are beautiful! I am an animal lover and have had many, many “fur children” in my life. They all have a wonderful story and all are/were special in their own way. They love so unconditionally, we people can learn so much from them.

  • By: Phyllis

    So precious!!! Last year we heard a puppy crying under our house and found this tiny underweight little bundle of fur with a chewed up tail. Just one look into her big beautiful brown eyes and we were hooked!!! I find myself looking at Mia (stands for Missing in Area) and wondering who rescued who. She is healed, happy, healthy and beyond spoiled — we wouldn’t have it any other way!!!

  • By: Jackie S.

    Congratulations on the new addition! My husband and I have a beagle who is our child and my pride and joy. My constant source of laughs and my muse for all things good.

  • By: Martie

    How wonderful dogs and they make us better too. Our dog is well into her senior years so it can be a sad time but also agrateful time to remember all that she is. Thanks for you guys

  • By: Sheilah Delaney Buettner

    A house is not a home without a dog! Congratulations Brent & Josh on your newest addition to your family. We have three dogs, all rescues…2 Dobermans & “Maggie the Mongrel” who was a starving stray that showed up in our rural neighborhood the end of last summer-maybe a Swiss Mountain Dog-Catahoula-Huskie mix (figure THAT one out!) They keep me centered. I pray I will never not have a dog…or several…in my life.

  • By: Sandy S.

    When I got the email of this post I immediately recognized the clothing on the last photo and knew that was you and  Önder. 🙂 The dogs who have come into my life have met EVERYTHING to me! I had my dog, Moses, several decades after my first “on my own” dog, Mazapa, who was a true soulmate of mine. I knew in my heart that Moses has Mazapa’s spirit in him and after several conversations Moses had with an Animal Communicator (Lydia Hiby), he confirmed that was true. I didn’t HAVE to have confirmation, but it was a very cool thing. I don’t care if people think I’m a bit weird (I pride myself in that, actually!), I know what I know. 🙂

    • By: Sandy S.

      Oh… I just realized that you said that is the writer in the last photo with Önder, not Brent. You guys dress very similar!

  • By: JJ Gattuccio

    I lost my dog who became ill and in the course of one month he passed. He was a West Highland Terrier. From the time he was a pup he was an old soul. After my husband passed away, Jake was my constant companion through thick and thin he was there. He wasn’t a cuddle bug but he was there making my life joyous. Everyone in the neighborhood loved the Jakester as he sat on the front porch and kept an eye over his kingdom. He is missed greatly. My niece told me “our pups never leave us, they just run ahead and wait for us to catch up.”

  • By: Donna

    awwwww….what a sweet little thing she is, and so lucky to have such a good home and family 😉

  • By: PaigieGrl

    What gorgeous pictures! We have a rescue lab/pitt mix and while she isn’t as fancy as these loves; she’s just as beautiful to us. Gotta love dog people! enjoy the weekend. 🙂

  • By: Karen Miller

    We live with Borzoi, Russian Wolfhounds, and have for over thirty years. They make our lives richer, and give us so much love, beauty and grace every day that we could never be without them. You can see them here:

  • By: Jennifer Berglund

    I have 2 Chinese crested dogs who are the loves of my life! They make everyday worth while and put a smile on your face no matter how bad things ever are. I would take a bullet for them as i know they would do the same for me.

  • By: Danielle

    We have a 15 yr. old Mutt (German/Australian Shepard Husky) Reba. We got her from Thistle Hill Farms in Sharon Springs. We also just added a black lab mix to our family, Dandelion.

  • By: Laura Pizziketti

    I have a Springer, she is my second, and my retirement companion. She travels with me, loves the ocean and has played fetch with the waves in California and Georgia. We walk most days with a great group of other four and two legged friends, and because of her I have met lifelong friends and garnered lifelong experiences. Thinking of our next long road trip together…hmm, maybe a spring trip to Sharon Springs to meet Onder and her parents.

  • By: Alicia

    I, too, grew up always having a dog around, and am dogless now due to our situation. I fell in total love when I first met greyhounds a number of years back; never have I met any other dogs like them before – just totally unique and absolutely wonderful! I cannot wait to have more greyhounds in our lives – as full as our house it, it seems so empty without them.

  • By: Bev Nan Murphy

    Just makes you feel good all over ~ that instant connection like you’ve known each other from the beginning. Life is good, because of these sweet spirits.

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