Decorating Details at The Beekman

I spent this last weekend in beautiful Sharon Springs with some friends of mine and had a chance to catch up with Brent and Josh at their home. On this occasion, I made it a point to really look at some of the details they have used in their decor – and to photograph them for posterity. Ever the busy farmers, Brent and Josh let me explore the house while they tended to their many outdoor chores. It was quiet as I ventured through storied halls of the Beekman, letting my mind wander and my eye fall upon some of the subtle elements that give the rooms their quiet elegance. When you’re decorating your own spaces, always be mindful of the smaller things that can help a room attain its welcoming atmosphere: the pattern of lace against the light, the shine and shadow of damask, the embroidery on an heirloom coverlet or a treasured painting. Below are five of my photographs from my visit to their home.


All photos by Andrew Ritchie

Take a look around your house today and find 5 Beautiful Things you’ve been overlooking.

by Andrew

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I have lace curtains in my home (a nice balance to some of the more masculine elements in the room)… the way they play with the sunlight is magical. I hung two lace patterns, one Venetian (bolder, more ornate) and one Alencon (French, Normandy region… airy and delicate). For anyone interested, the history of needlework lace making (originating in Venice) is fascinating, and the traditions continue as cottage industries on the Venetian Island of Burano. The Burano style of lace is called Punto in Aria, literally “stitches in air.”


Love the curtains and bedspread, reminds me of my grandmas home, thank you for the memory.

Kate's Daughter

I love the lace curtains. Wish I could find some in a pattern that I liked that were of a nice “fabric.” No luck, and I’ve been looking for years. Perhaps, I’ll find some in Ireland…

Linda Peterson

My grandmother had a mirror like that. I had forgotten about it. Love it.

Sandy S.

How nice to have these keepsakes of your home. I love the photo of your lace curtains.

Bev Nan Murphy

Looking at “sweet Silence” goats as we speak. It is my Zen moment. Also photos of my little gifts, as toddlers and a necklace with two 45 spent cartridges,as charms. A lovely friend taught me to shoot on a high dry mesa in Colorado and since has passed. Memories of shared beliefs (2nd amendment) and campfire chats about all of life. Thanks for the micro-vision reminder. You do good stuff. Also your CHAIR! OMG!