Five Flying Houses

When Laurent Chehere got sick of his job he started saving money. Eventually, he quit and embarked on a year-long trip around the world, seeing all the places he had always dreamed of seeing, taking thousands of photographs along the way. Upon his return to his hometown in France, he simply could not return to the grind. He had been changed. He was so inspired by the lands he had seen and the people he had met that he decided to embrace his true passion full-time: photography.

His series called “Flying Houses” demonstrates to me what can be achieved when we truly embrace our imaginations and our creativity. There is beauty in these photographs, certainly, but the most beautiful thing about them is that they were created at all. What if Laurent had chosen to remain in his mundane job, working Monday to Friday in a grey office building under fluorescent lighting. These photographs, and thousands of other beautiful images he has taken, would never have existed. Following your dreams and your passions is not an easy decision. It is a road peppered with worry and self-doubt, uncertainty and, yes, some danger. It takes hard work, persistence, patience and a few doses of good luck but we have to let go of our safety nets to really fly – even if falling is a possibility. Very often it is just the fear of falling that makes our fingers slip.

Let Laurent’s wild imagination and beautiful imagery be an inspiration to you. What have you always wanted to try? What is your dream? Perhaps, you are already living it!

Visit Laurent’s website for more of his images.


All photographs by Laurent Chehere from his series Flying Houses.



by Andrew

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“Traveling forces you to lose sight of all the familiar comforts of home. Nothing is yours except the essential things- air, sleep, dreams, the sea, the sky- all things tending towards the eternal or what we imagine of it.” ~Cesare Pavese

Wandering through the cobble-stoned streets of Rome was the closest I have ever come to time travel… whenever I need to expand my mind, I close my eyes and return to Italy. It is no accident that Laurent Chehere was inspired by leaving his home and wandering.


These photos are amazing and indeed beautiful. I would encourage everyone to click on the link for Laurent’s website because not only are their more of these amazing flying houses to be found there, but also some really interesting portraits.


Those photos are awe inspiring! I would love to have any of them hanging on my walls!