The House of Hackney

To be hackneyed is to be rendered meaningless through overuse, whether  through the redundance of a tired old phrase or the consistent exposure to a common image. How delightful, then, that a pair of London designers have risked using the word in the name of their exciting new venture. The House of Hackney specializes in wallpapers, textiles, furniture and ceramics that are resplendent with bold, enlivening patterns – hackneyed, in one sense, and yet not in the slightest, once you understand the courage of their design philosophy. In one example of their wallpaper badgers sipping cocktails mingle with smoking sloths and groundhogs peeking over paper fans, all hanging from a broad-leaf vine against a black background. The look is extreme but beautifully dramatic.

Founded by husband and wife team Javvy Royle and Frieda Gormley in 2011, the firm has gone on to develop a cult following of design devotees who adore their over-the-top nods to Victorian filagree on ottomans, sofas, dresses and teapots. Their store is located at 41 Horton Road in East London. Click here to visit their website and explore their brand.




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Marie Chilcote

I agree with the other comments. I like seeing it, but I couldn’t live with it everyday.


Not to put too fine a point to it, but Hackney is also a breed of trotter horse, known for their high action in moving, and it’s a type of carriage that these horses pull.

Bev Nan Murphy

So like Alice down the rabbit hole, lady holding her contemporary version of
the Cheshire Cat!. Were you thinking redoing maybe Beekman’s Barn?!?!.
Polkie would” LUV IT,DAHLINGS!”!


Hmmmm. Interesting. But I am more concerned that the emaciated, concentration camp model eat something.

Kate's Daughter

Well, I’m not so sure, although I could see us starting with one wall done in the bird paper. Ease into it from there. I had a “Victorian period” back in the 80s so it’s a little retro to me.

I do like their “more is better” approach, just not sure I could live with it every day.