Willing Spring Into Being

It is precisely this time of year when we in the Northeast begin to suffer from winter doldrums: the winter boots begin to feel like cement, the layers of clothing like ropes of bondage, the cold like a dagger in our hearts. I’m being dramatic, I know, but anyone living under a perpetually gray sky with the hovering threat of a blizzard knows I’m not exaggerating that much. So, this week I’ve chosen five photos that will help to switch gears in our minds, reminding us that the season of birth and renewal is nearly upon us. Dare to open a window on a mild day. Promise to open the blinds despite the sleet outside and browse your favorite garden magazines for backyard inspiration. Bring the new season into being through sheer will! It will be here before you know it.


What’s the first thing you will do when Mother Nature warms the air? Tell us in the comments section below.

by Andrew

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Jeanne Scott

Can we be brother & sister farms? I bought my farm 4 yrs ago in Oregon & certified it Organic for my products & my hay crop. I am having the time of my life. I love your Blog & Website. I’m going to learn so much from you for my Waffle Lady Farm Kitchen here in the beautiful Willamette Valley, Oregon!


Amazing photos….Spring is almost here! Thanks for sharing these wonderful beautiful things. Blessings.
Tonight for dinner I made your amazing Pasta, Cabbage recipe from your cookbook. WOWSER…it was delish and my guests all loved it. Our family adores your cookbook and we appreciate you boys and everything you do. Hugz to all!!


When nature warms the air, I will be OUTSIDE! There are lichen covered branches and brush to clear after a blustery fall and winter. I will be tending my surrogate babies in the greenhouse…heirloom tomatoes, eggplant, onions, and many others….I will be digging the sandy soil surrounding the lavender…and perhaps planting an additional 2 or 20…one can never have enough lavender! I will be gently removing the leaf mulch from the garlic beds…allowing the green scapes to grow…I will be making BIG decisions…”plant this here…plant this there”…..I will be watching my daughter (a young gardener herself) gently picking daffodils with a smile upon her face. I will rejoice in the buds of the lilacs, the sprouts of the bleeding hearts and host. I will tip my head up and smile, reveling in the warmth upon my face. I CANNOT wait.

Those photos were breathtaking 😉

Bev Nan Murphy

Oh my!! Thank you on yet another blizzardy, too high tides and hurricane gusts New England day. First warm day, I go out the door, turn my face to the sun , breath and get my hands dirty. Cannot wait!

Cynthia Anne Webb

Living in San Diego, I complain when it gets in the 40’s, my Birds of Paradise are in full bloom in the back. Climbing rose starting to bloom on the aviary. I am lucky!

Kathleen D.

On the prairie of South Dakota, Spring won’t be here for a long time. Your pictures make me hopeful! The first calf on the ranch was born yesterday, another sign. Will do my best to will Spring here!


We will ride horses right after breakfast, ride until we are tired. Then, release the growing herd of baby goats into the yard. They can experience their first spring day, while their mothers have a well deserved, grazing fest. All of this, as we open our first bottle of Chardonnay, of the year, and enjoy the goodness of home made goat cheese, and fresh, hot, home made bread !!!!!!!!

Francie B Guilmette

Spring is my fav time of the year….It’s like a new beginning, everything starts out fresh/clean!! I can’t wait to feel the warm sun on my face, take long walks on the beach and smell the salt air.. I can’t wait to start on my plant/flower garden…I love the colors of spring!!!


No snow in Alpharetta, GA. Spring is starting to appear and the birds are singing. I would love to walk down the brick path in the second photo.

Susan Elwood

I am in Ga. so I have Spring a little earlier then some….I love to sit and have breakfast outside listening to the animals around my(rescue) farm.


We should really celebrate the “New Year” when spring arrives. When everything is beginning to blossom and we are full of the anticipation of what’s to come.

Joann Langlois

I can’t wait to go for a long walk OUTSIDE and retire my treadmill until next winter!

Suzanne Koba

My daffodils are so confused. They have popped up, got cold and they went dormant. Poor things, they’ve done this about 4 times.


Loved it! I’m really Itching to feel the warmth of the Sun and to smell the newness of the Spring and get my hands into that warm Spring soil……