Chocolate Cake

For four months – one third of the year – I allow myself to indulge in decadence with little or no restraint. From November 1 until March 1, I go a little overboard with chocolate, which is my one true weakness. Perhaps because there are so many special occasions during this period (from Thanksgiving to Christmas, birthdays to Valentine’s Day) or because bulky sweaters so fashionably and expertly hide the flesh during the winter, I throw all caution to the wind and give in to temptation.

I am especially vulnerable to the seduction of chocolate cake. I just cannot resist thick swirls of dark frosting slathered all over a moist and delicious cake. Set a slice in front of me and it will swiftly disappear.

So, before we have to show skin again, before the beach and the outdoors call on us to trim down and get serious about resisting such sins, I say go for it. Below are five of the most beautiful looking chocolate cakes I have ever seen. In order, they are: Chocolate Guiness Cake, Chocolate Brownie Mousse Cake, Chocolate Orange Cake, Chocolate Beetroot Cake and Traditional Chocolate Cake.

Here is a link to my favourite chocolate cake recipe. I’ve made it several times and it never fails. It is Martha’s, of course, and it is moist and rich but not too heavy. The accompanying frosting recipe is courtesy of Matt Lewis of Baked. Happy sinning!


Cakes courtesy of:

1. Chocolate Guiness Cake: Littleboxbrownie.blogspot.com

2. Chocolate Brownie Mousse Cake: Chasingdelicious.com

3. Chocolate Orange Cake: Dessertsforbreakfast.com

4. Chocolate Beetroot Cake: MowieKay.com

5. Traditional Chocolate Cake: WhatKatieAte.com

Don’t leave a crumb.

by Andrew

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Paula Gill

I’m more of a vanilla girl (white cake? mine!), but the chocolate brownie mousse cake made me want a slice, a big slice of cae, and an even bigger glass of a good red wine.


You too know the secret to loving bulky sweaters! Isn’t chocolate proven to be healthy? I think I am going to try making some of these healthy recipes. I will eat them with salad and green tea!

Dorothy Hayes

Oh how I love chocolate. And have been on a binge since November. But now I have given up chocolate for Lent so my cravings must wait. The photos tasted so good. Thanks.

Bev Nan Murphy

ANdrew!!!! The devil (foods cake) made you do it. I will step slowly away from these
pictures, wipe the saliva off my keyboard, drop my fork and rapidly head for the stair master or the nearest grocery store to get all the ingredients. Photos are framable. Works of art. Thanks, I think. : )

Susan Elwood

I am cracking up! I too indulge during the winter, with chocolate being my favorite, so I can totally relate . Now… to see if I can create these delicious looking dreams into reality! YUM!


I die. Those look amazing! Please send me the first one (without the cherries) and the last one (that frosting!!!). Now I want a chocolate cake. Thanks!