Hearts For Madelene

When I first discovered the book “Monday Hearts For Madelene” I wasn’t sure what to make of it. It is a small book featuring a collection of 100 beautifully designed and photographed ‘hearts’ made of everyday objects, from food to flowers. But it wasn’t until I read the introduction to the book that I realized the true beauty of these images and the inspiration behind them.
Page Hodel, a world-renowned club DJ and designer living in San Francsico, met the love of her life, Madelene Rodriguez, in 2005 and knew immediately their bond would never be broken. So powerful was her love for Madelene that she would create a new heart for her each Monday morning, using objects she found around the house, to help her start her week on a beautiful note.
Sadly, just a year after they met, Madalene died of ovarian cancer. Rather than give up on life and love, Page decided to continue to make her hearts for Madalene each week as a form of remembrance. To spread that love to friends and family, she eventually began to photograph her creations. This book is the result of her project.

“Although Madalene is no longer with me on this physical plane, in my heart her love is so alive and unchanged. In recognition of this unbelievably warm, kind, gentle soul, whose love changed my life so much, I wanted to find a way to share this beautiful feeling,” says Page.

Anyone who would like to receive more information about the project, please visit mondayheartsformadalene.com. If you would like to purchase the book – a gorgeous collection of 100 of the finest heart-shaped creations – know that partial royalties will be given to the Women’s Cancer Resource Center of Oakland, California, to help fight women’s cancer. Also available is a set of note cards with the images and a selected group of first-edition prints will soon be available.

True love is so rare. The beauty it can spawn is unimaginable, as demonstrated by the imagery below.

No Monday will there ever be
From now until eternity
That you don’t have
A heart from me…


All photography and artwork by Page Hodel


Andrew Ritchie is the creator of Martha Moments, a blog devoted Martha-Stewart related content and her community of supporters. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and has been a longtime friend of Brent & Josh, Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs. Each week he’ll scour the world (wide web) to find the 5 most beautiful things to inspire you. Follow Andrew on Pinterest.


by Andrew

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Beautiful that Page’s hearts are made (not purchased), created from the world she and Madelene shared. Gorgeous in their simplicity and impermanence. For me, the most romantic gifts are ideas and actions rather than “stuff”. One need not spend a penny…


Thank you for sharing Andrew. Thank you Brent and Josh for including such a great idea on the Blog. It’s the moments we stop to remember the most beautiful things, that we often find beauty in more than we expected.


Even more heartwarming …. I received my first heart today after signing up last week! Happy Monday !