Chalk It Up To the Holidays

I am really inspired by the décor at the Beekman 1802 Mercantile from a few years ago: the theme was Black Christmas. Brent really outdid himself with the black-and-white Victorian designs, creating a look of etched whimsy throughout the displays. With the theme in mind, I ventured forth to find similar black-and-white Christmas designs and discovered the chalkboard art of Valerie McKeehan: an artist who sells her wares on Etsy using the monicker Lily & Val. She specializes in chalkboard art, writing sayings, lyrics or poetry using chalk and then preserving them using a special technique so the designs will never rub off. The finished pieces can then be framed and placed around the home or used as signage at a special event, such as a wedding. I love the personal touches and flourishes. You can visit the website here. Below are five festive examples.



All photos by Lily & Val


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Love these! WIll echo their inspiration on my chalkboard through the holidays.
The last time I updated it was a week before Sandy, and it still carries this list:
– more candles?
– Coleman’s mustard
– smoked paprika
– bring in the kindling
– French press…grind some coffee
– find booklight
Still outa the darn mustard…but everything else worked beautifully for the thirteen day outage.
Deck the halls!!