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Every year, around this time, we raid the china cabinet and bring out the serving platters, the chargers, the silverware and crystal that spends most of the year behind glass or closed doors. In the rush to prepare a holiday celebration with friends and family, we rarely take the time to examine this beautiful serveware on its own. We quickly set the table, rarely pausing to appreciate the beauty of the small details, shapes and embellishments that make our serving pieces special.

One of the reasons I am so enamored of lifestyle blogs and home magazines is the focus the editors put on examining ‘the little things’ we love but often overlook. Through photographs and articles, we can learn about the history of many of our most cherished and valuable collections. One of the best monthly encyclopedias of home management is, of course, Martha Stewart Living – Brent’s former place of work and one of my favourite publications.

Below are five images from Martha Stewart Living magazine depicting Thanksgiving serveware: carving sets, carving knives and dessert servers. They are all antique, some pieces dating back to the 1800s, and all beautifully presented and styled. (No magazine does it better!)

I hope you take some time this year to really look at the objects that will decorate your Thanksgiving table or facilitate your meal preparation. Understanding where your treasured objects come from and having an appreciation for their details will make them all the more valuable to you.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!



Andrew Ritchie is the creator of Martha Moments, a blog devoted Martha-Stewart related content and her community of supporters. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and has been a longtime friend of Brent & Josh, Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs. Each week he’ll scour the world (wide web) to find the 5 most beautiful things to inspire you. Follow Andrew on Pinterest.



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Susan Barnett

Andrew, I love that cloche with all the fives underneath it, especially the big glittery one. Vignettes like this are so much fun. Gotta get myself a cloche!

Andrew Ritchie

Susan, you have Brent to thank for that photo. He always chooses the introductory “5” image and he always does a superb job of finding one that fits the theme of the article. They always make me smile.