“See the geese in chevron flight

Flappin’ and a racin’ on before the snow
They’ve got the urge for going
And they’ve got the wings so they can go”

This excerpt from Joni Mitchell’s 1967 song “Urge for Going” has been traveling the circuits of my mind for days now. Above my head, each evening as the sun slips into the horizon, I hear their calls, like so many clown horns sounding off in the crimson clouds. Canada geese are everywhere. (There are in fact too many of them.) Here in the country that Christened them, they are iconic, especially when seen in their fabulous v-shaped formations in the sky as they migrate south for the winter.

The V-shape (which is also the Roman symbol for the number five, in fact) inspired this post about an equally iconic design that has been making a comeback in décor and fashion this season. Rather than show you pretty pictures of geese, I opted for a more design-conscious alternative. The chevron motif (a modified V, multiplied) has patterned the walls, floors, bedspreads and dresses of the bold and adventurous since the 1500s. (The floors of the Galerie Francois at the Palace of Fontainebleau in France are made up of a seemingly-endless array of interlocked chevron planks.) Designers today cannot get enough of the clean, linear modernity of the pattern, which can be either enriched or subdued through colour, width and saturation. Below are five images of chevron in décor put to beautiful use.




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2. Poppytalk.blogspot.com

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5. vinteriors.blogspot.com


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Diane Svatek

Love the quilt. I’ve wondered why the chevron is all over everything lately. Thanks.