Fall Foliage

For northerners, the consolation prize for the penalty of winter is the autumn foliage. Anyone who lives in Canada or the northern United States will tell you that the natural highlight of October is the golden and crimson canopy that sways above our roadways and paths, sprinkling colorful offerings to coat the ground before the first flakes of snow.

It is a flagrant farewell for the deciduous trees, sending out stunning flares of color to fight off any melancholy we may feel for the senescence of the year that was. The jubilant tones are comforting and reassuring to us as they twirl and rustle in the wind, a last dance with vibrance before the descent of grey and white and icy blue.

Deciduous trees shed their leaves to preserve their energy for the spring. There is not enough sunlight or warmth during the winter for photosynthesis to occur so the leaves are let go and the trees begin a dormant period. The striking colours are the result of the gradual shutting down of water flow from the roots to the leaves. Glucose and other nutrients that the tree feeds to the leaves during the summer becomes trapped in the veins of the leaves, causing them to change colour as they are warmed by the autumn sun. The loss of circulation will eventually cause the leaf to die and fall, hence the name we have chosen for this spectacular season!


1.      The Laurentian Mountains in Quebec, Canada

2.      Algonquin Park in Ontario, Canada

3.      The Catskill Mountains in New York

4.      Aspen, Colorado

5.      Just about everywhere in New Hampshire and Vermont




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Give up your secret spot!  Where’s the best place to view foliage in your neck of the woods?

by Andrew

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Linda Turner

Even the most ‘southern’ part of Connecticut is ablaze right now! I feel very privileged to just drive down the road I live on and be in awe of glowing gold, orange, red and purple.

DEbbie from White Bear Lake

Beautiful! I drove through upstate NY last October and it was gorgeous. But since I’m from Minnesota my favorite viewing is the north shore of Lake Superior!


We just got back from our first trip to Montreal. Having lived in Texas my whole life I have heard people talk about trees looking like they are on “fire.” The beauty of it took my breath away.

Teri Tighe

Simply gorgeous. We don’t get those glorious colors down in the Philly “valley”, and not enough trees to really appreciate the colors but I’m sure a drive up to the Pocono Mountains would take your breath away.

Delia D.

In northern CA, (Davis) we had some gorgeous foliage on our green belts. And at a place called Apple Hill. Just moved to Tucson last month. Heard there is a place called Mt Lemon & we’ll be exploring that. Did a VBT bike tour of Vermont in the early 80’s. It was breathtaking.

Monica H.

Although I hate to see winter come, I love the fall color change in Michigan. I used to send a shoe box of leaves to my Grandma in Arizona so that she wouldn’t miss the autumn colors.


Ahhh, I live in Arizona but grew up in Missouri and can still smell those leaves, nothing is as beautiful as fall.

Suzanne Koba

This is why my two favorite seasons are spring and fall. Love the new and old colors of nature

Ken Newman

Last Friday we drove from the Catskills up into the Adirondacks ( stopping in Sharon Springs for lunch ). It was the most perfect , sunny, early Fall day imaginable. The foliage was at its peak color all the way. If there’s a paradise on Earth, New England in the Fall has to be a part of it.

Brandon Ryan

Agreed, The Catskill Mountains in New York it is so colorful this time of year. If you would like a really nice view check out “Mount Utsayantha” in Stamford, NY – very intresting history too on Mount Utsayantha.