This new feature is designed to inspire you to look at the world around you, to take note of the season at hand and to capture it – in memory or on film – for posterity. I will be choosing five photos each week for with this aim in mind. We’re calling the feature, The Five Most Beautiful Things In The World This Week.


Tea Time

I never let a day pass without a cup of tea. It is a ritual I come by honestly, likely due to my British heritage. I grew up with tea at every meal, even on camping trips! My 88 year-old grandmother, who is from Bedfordshire, is still particular about how her tea is made and I can foresee myself as an ornery old man demanding my cup of tea at 4 pm, sharp, served in a specific cup, brewed in a specific way.

I prefer black teas like orange pekoe, earl grey and chai, which all have citrus notes. These are the ones I drink at breakfast and in the late afternoon.  Green tea is nice after a heavy meal and herbal white teas are especially nice when you’re feeling under the weather.

The English science-fiction writer George Orwell was a tea fanatic. In a 1946 essay for the Evening Standard entitled A Nice Cup of Tea, he shared some of his tips for the perfect cup. You can read his essay here.

If his practices are a little too idiomatic for your taste, here are some basic tips for a good cup of tea:

  • Preheat the teapot with very hot water to ensure the tea stays warm, and use a tea cozy.
  • Make sure the water is boiling when you pour it over the tea leaves or tea bags. It must be boiling for the best flavour. (Green tea is an exception. The water should be poured over the leaves just before boiling.)
  • Let the tea steep in the pot for 4 to 5 minutes. If you’re making a single cup, less than a minute is usually enough. (Green tea should steep for no more than 3 minutes or it may become bitter.)
  • Good-quality tea can be infused up to three times before the flavor diminishes. Simply pour boiling water over the leaves again, letting it steep for less time with each infusion.








3.       Ceramic teapot by artist Magie Smith-Fleisher

4.       A photo of teacups from my personal collection

5.       Laser-cut paper design by artist Julene Harrison


Andrew Ritchie is the creator of Martha Moments, a blog devoted Martha-Stewart related content and her community of supporters. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and has been a longtime friend of Brent & Josh, Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs. Each week he’ll scour the world (wide web) to find the 5 most beautiful things to inspire you. Follow Andrew on Pinterest.

by Andrew

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Tea!!! I learned about tea when I was the private chef to JP Molyneux, him and his wife would always have tea at 4pm everyday no matter what was going on at the farm.

4pm sharp. Now I try to have tea daily.

suzanne spina

Baltimore Orioles are such fascinating birds.

We have a tea shop a few miles from my home in Essex, CT if you are ever down this way called "The Herbery". The woman who owns the shop is a gem. Here is the online link to the shop. Well worth the trip.

I love this section of Beekman 1802 and look forward to it each week.


I grew up in Massachusetts & my grandmother lived with us. She was from the UK originally, then New Foundland. We always had strong tea w/ milk. Just plain ole Lipton. I love it.


Nice to meet some fello tea drinkers! I love this old Chinese proverb: "One drinks tea to forget the noise of the world." So true.


There is something so wonderful and traditional having afternoon tea… that I think bonds people…and allows one to connect at the same time everyday… for a cup… a snack or two…and good conversation… that I wish we as Americans would practice… I do love Starbucks… but the romantic notion of afternoon tea…strikes a warm cord in me!

Tea for two,


teri tighe

I'm growing fonder of tea as time goes by. Just tried Chai spice tea and loved it. also have a fruity green tea that is good and a chocolate tea (not in bags) that is wonderful. Great pictures, as well.

denise kemper

Love this! We always start our day with prayer and tea together. It's a great way to start 24 hrs of mayhem in the world.


I love the first picture…..It is quit amazing…. It reminds me of having a quiet afternoon having tea with a lover in the garden and then getting caught in the rain and having a warm snuggle inside…..

Thank you for the inspiration with your 5 Beautiful Things….