This new feature is designed to inspire you to look at the world around you, to take note of the season at hand and to capture it – in memory or on film – for posterity. I will be choosing five photos each week for with this aim in mind. We’re calling the feature, The Five Most Beautiful Things In The World This Week


Paper Cuts

The idea of a paperless society terrifies me. Sure, I understand the need to reduce our consumption of this raw material for the benefit of our planet, but please let’s never give up on it entirely! Ever since I was a child I have been fascinated by paper, particularly its decorative and artistic uses. I was always drawing on my dad’s file folders (much to his chagrin) and on any bare paper surface I could find around the house. As I got older I began to appreciate its finer uses, learned how to make it by hand and dye it. I studied all the beautiful ways it could be manipulated into stationery, wrapping paper and works of art. It wasn’t until I discovered paper artist Elsa Mora, however, that I truly understood paper’s capacity to convey beauty. Elsa, and a series of other modern artists and crafters, uses a series of knives, scissors and folding  techniques to create astounding works of art using only paper to create sculptures that stir the imagination and inspire wonder. The detail and precision of their cutting techniques speaks to their patience and their commitment to creation. Below are examples of some two-dimensional and three-dimensional cut-paper creations by some of my favourite artists. I’m sure you’ll agree that their work is captivating.



The Artists:

1.       Helen Musselwhite

2.       Terry Morton

3.       Julene Harrison

4.       Elsa Mora

5.       Anna Wili-Highfield


Andrew Ritchie is the creator of Martha Moments, a blog devoted to Martha-Stewart related content and her community of supporters. He lives and works in Toronto, Canada, and has been a longtime friend of Brent & Josh, Beekman 1802 and Sharon Springs. Each week he’ll scour the world (wide web) to find the 5 most beautiful things to inspire you. Follow Andrew on Pinterest.



by Andrew

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Dr. Brent

Hi, Yvette
We try to be as sustainable as possible, so we put all of our products in our online shop so that we don’t have to print a paper catalog

Pat Fielding

Absolutely beautiful – thanks for sharing all these beautiful pictures.

Janne Ellingsen

Paper is wonderful! I have, as you, loved it all my life, and I am always looking for new ways to work with it artistically.

You missed one paper artist in your list above, he had a beautiful exhibition here in Norway last spring.

You should check it out!

teri tighe

Favor? can you add to Andrew’s pinterest page for future posts?